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In this post, Zach Calhoon, co-founder of, talks about a new feature that allows you to create, customize and choose skins or themes for your virtual tours. He is also going to show how the themes would look like when viewed on your desktop and your mobile device. Click play and listen to this video:

The CloudPano platform used to have only the classic themes. But now, if you check out your brand kit in the editor, you’ll see more different themes such as Flow, Modern, and Cascade.

The Flow Theme

The new themes create a different vibe into your virtual tours. When viewed on your desktop, the Flow Theme, You will also see a different type of animation style whenever you click on the aerial, or a slight difference in the style and feel when you click hover over. The bottom thumbnails are also a bit rounded.

The Modern Theme

Another new theme is Modern which is a very similar classic theme with just a bit of a different style. The thumbnail sort of expands as you over them. It also adds a nice look and feel to it.

The Cascade Theme

This is the new theme that is the most different since the images are moved to the left side of the screen. The Cascade theme provides you with a different way to navigate through your virtual tours. There’s also something like a Menu Style with the information on the top right corner of this theme.

These new themes can also be found when you open the CloudPano app on your mobile device. There is just a slight difference when you view your tours depending on the shape and size of your screen. Compared to the desktop view, your virtual tours would look smaller when viewed on your tablet or mobile phone. The left and right sides of the screen may also be faded.

You can now use these new themes and skins and use them in your pitches and show off examples to your clients! This can give you more credibility and more ways to make money as a Virtual Tour entrepreneur. This new theme selection would add a lot of fun into your CloudPano experience, add more value to your business, and provide your clients with more options to choose from.

With only a low monthly fee, you can sign up to the Pro Plus now by going to and upgrade to all the cool and extremely helpful and value-added features to your clients!


Quick Steps on How To Customize Or Choose Skins For Your Virtual Tours

1. Log in to

2. Go to

3. Create a tour or edit an existing tour 

4. On your tour editor, go to Brandkit

5. Scroll down below and select a Theme based on your preferences

6. Hit Publish and show off your virtual tour

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