[Announcement] Realtor.com and CloudPano.com Virtual Tour Software Integrate Directly – Big News!

CloudPano.com is excited to announce we have directly integrated with Realtor.com. Learn more by watching this video.
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[Announcement] Realtor.com and CloudPano.com Virtual Tour Software Integrate Directly – Big News!

Hey, what’s up guys, Zach Calhoon here from CloudPano.com. I have an exciting announcement today and I want to share it with you guys in this short video. If you check out Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq.com, or the Associated Press, you’ll see an article that reads like this: “Realtor.com adds more immersive 3D home experiences.”

Santa Clara, California-based realtor.com announced that it is adding two technology providers, CloudPano and (redacted company), to provide additional 3D tour options for home shoppers. So in addition to Matterport tours, real estate agents can now upload tours from CloudPano directly to listings on realtor.com.

Here’s a quote from their Chief Product Officer, Rachel Morley: “Virtual home tours have been on the rise for several years now, and the 2020 pandemic has only emphasized the importance of this technology and accelerated its adoption. Virtual experiences are in demand among home buyers and sellers alike. Buyers consistently prefer listings with immersive content like 3D tours, and sellers are looking for pros who know how to leverage virtual technology to get more eyes on and inside their home without having to physically open the doors to countless prospects.”

CloudPano lets you publish branded 360 virtual tours in just a few clicks, with no coding required. Capturing your space is simple and can be done right from your smartphone in five minutes or less. The CloudPano viewer responds to your movement in real time, helping you generate a truly immersive view of the property. Once each room is captured, just drag and drop your images and set your initial view for each scene with one click. From there, you can customize your tour with your logo and branding, add hotspots, teleport between scenes, enhance the experience with soundscapes, add customized floor plans, and more. Once you’ve added your finishing touches, publishing your tour couldn’t be easier. CloudPano will give you a code-based link that you can easily embed on your website or social media channels.

In conclusion, realtor.com is now offering more immersive 3D home experiences by partnering with CloudPano and (redacted company) to provide additional 3D tour options for home shoppers. CloudPano makes it easy for agents to create branded 360 virtual tours of properties and publish them on realtor.com. With the growing demand for virtual tours, this is an exciting development for both buyers and sellers alike. Stay tuned for more updates from CloudPano.com.

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One thought on “[Announcement] Realtor.com and CloudPano.com Virtual Tour Software Integrate Directly – Big News!

  1. Hi,
    Does the listing need to be active for the 360 tour to be linked to MLS/Realtor.com? I thought I’d test it out with a home that’s already sold.
    Love this feature!!

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