CloudPano Live Help Page

Welcome to the CloudPano Live help page!

This page is designed to give you all the information you need to use CloudPano Live and guide your customers.

Note: It is important you watch all the videos here. This way you will know guide your customers to success.

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Video 1: What is CloudPano Live?

Video 2: CloudPano Live Demo - How To Use Your Live Link and How How Live Streaming Virtual Tour Calls Work

Video 3: CloudPano Live Device Updates - How To Have Virtual Showings and Which Devices To Use

Important Note: Its required to have a camera on your device to enter a Live room

Please save this document for future reference:

Device and Browser Compatibility Reference Link

How To White Label CloudPano Live?

Ready to private label this feature? It's easy. View your tour with your private label link and CloudPano Live will automatically show your URL as the provider. Do you not have a private labeled URL set up on CloudPano? Upgrade here.

See example image below:


Question: How Many People Can Join a CloudPano Live Call?

Answer: 4

Question: How does someone join a CloudPano Live call?

Answer: Click the 'video' icon and add your name and click connect

Question: How can I test this feature?

Answer: You must be a Pro Plus User - Get started here

Question: Do I have to be on the call with my clients to have a CloudPano Live call?

Answer: No. Anyone with the Live link has access.

Question: I can't enter a Live call, why not?

Answer: Please review the device and browser specs above (video 3).

Question: I am a virtual tour photographer, how does this feature help me?

Answer: Your clients are always looking for creative ways to market and sell. This feature helps them achieve their goals. More sales conversations. This aligns with your clients needs and will lead to more conversions and more virtual tour sales for you!

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