Virtual Tour Sales How to Follow Up With Big Prospects

In this post, Zach Calhoon, co-founder of, is going to talk about the importance of reaching back and following up with your prospects. Whenever you’re going through a sales process with a potential client, you should follow up with them in a way that they would appreciate it and want to continue to engage with you. What to learn how? Click play and listen to this video:

Ultimately, you will close into a sale and the answer is it depends on how you follow up with your potential clients.

There are two types of follow-up:

  • One is when you’re trying to create a cold prospect into a conversation. This is when you’re trying to get someone to have a conversation with you.
  • Another type of follow-up I when you have already sent your pricing to a property manager or a hotel manager. Now, you’re looking to see if they got your pricing.

So how do you follow up with that?

The trick is to just be yourself and don’t be annoying. Closing up a sale is like dating a girl. You don’t want to annoy her but you want to impress her and ultimately, you will want to marry her. Just play it cool but at the same time, be enthusiastic and show that you really care.

So how does that work?

Let’s say, for example, you had a conversation with a prospect you already walked them through your service, and in the end, you gave them a price. Like anybody else, they would want a quote on paper. Then, they would compare your quote, which includes the appropriate scope of work, with somebody else’s. For example, you would have a couple of pictures, a drone photo, and other types of services in that scope of work.

The quote that you sent over will be reviewed by your prospective clients, and they should give you a call the following day or two days later. They’re now going to give you the information you want to know, which is either they are reviewing it and one more week or so. What they’re going to do is basically tell you where they are in the process of paying you money, which is the important information that you need in the phone call.

A lot of times you may miss them on this phone call. If you do, sometimes you can just leave a voicemail that it’s okay and you will wait for two more days. After that, shoot them another call. If you miss them again, send them an email to and say that you just want to follow up about the quote and ask where they are with the process and when you can schedule the virtual tour. This is going to kind of force them to decide whether it’s worth it or how they would respond to you and his team.

A follow up creates a response or feedback. Without it, you might as well not send anything over to them at all. Expect that it might take two or three follow-ups before you have to actually close the sale, and you have to have a second or third meeting just to get going and show them that you are someone that they can trust and that you are going to do a great job. Ultimately, they will get to a point where they have to make a choice. So if you religiously follow up on them every two days at first for the first week, you will get an answer quickly.

If your price is too high for them, you can always use negotiation tactics at that moment in the follow-up. They might ask you to lower the price down. They can also say that a competitor’s quote is a bit lower than others and they are probably going to go that direction. But, before they make that decision, you can offer to match their price or even give them a lower rate if they give you a strong referral for your service. They will think that what you want is to build a partnership with them and it’s kind of a win-win situation.

You might need to do another follow-up, but you don’t make the time too lengthy between your follow-ups. Your potential clients might forget about things or they could change their minds. More expenses and more things in capital outlay go other directions the longer you wait in your follow-up. So be very consistent in following-up with your prospects .

You must take follow-ups very seriously and be consistent. Measure your follow-up and know what days you can talk to your prospective clients without hammering on them. You can make more money than you could probably imagine just from a couple of phone calls or email follow-ups.

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