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We are excited to announce that CloudPano and Insta360 are working together to make your virtual tour creation world class! is an official Insta360 virtual tour enterprise partner. This means we are working together to provide our users with hardware and software combinations to maximize your virtual tour success.

Make sure to check out the Insta 360 store and grab your Insta 360 One X here.

Also if you are brand new to the 360 virtual tours, grab our exclusive combo pack called the 360 Virtual Tour Starter Kit at our Starter Kit Page.

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Interview On Shooting Spaces – Founder Zach Calhoon

Hey there! Recently our co founder Zach Calhoon was featured on the Real Estate Podcast Shooting Spaces:

Rich and Brian are real estate photography pros. They ask detailed questions about 360 photos and virtual tours. The interview will take you from complete beginner, to a 360 expert.

Check out their podcast and make sure to give them a great rating on iTunes!

From Shooting Spaces Podcast:

“In this weeks episode we sit down and talk with Zach Calhoon. Zach is the co-founder of CloudPano. CloudPano is a new software for creating and displaying your 360º images into an interactive virtual tour.   Brian had a chance to try out the software and the biggest features he enjoyed were the clean user-interface, ease of use and that the tours are VR headset ready.   Brian bought a VR headset on Amazon for just under $65 and it works perfectly with CloudPano.

It’s so easy now to do 360º images and if you do want to make it as easy as possible, you can pick up a Ricoh Theta for $350 and you have your 360º ready to go in under 2 minutes.  This is a great add-on service for your real estate photography clients with a very minimal investment.

You can see a sample tour Brian made with CloudPano for his nursing home client by clicking here.

Zach was also kind enough to offer all of our listeners a special promotion. To take advantage of the promotion, use the following link:

Case Study: Real Estate Photographer From Texas Generates Addtional $20,000 Per Year With 360 Virtual Tours And Automates Referrals

How to make more money with 360 / 3D virtual tours?

Isn’t this a question we should be asking?

In the world of 360 virtual tour software, 360 cameras, virtual reality and high tech real estate marketing… there is a lot to discuss.

And its fun to track the new tech as it flows through the industry. Changes happen fast and its exciting!

Lets take a moment and focus on profit. Because you (and everyone) need more clients, more jobs and more revenue. Revenue justifies the tech.

Case Study Interview: How To Up-Sell Your Way To an Extra $20,000

Today we are highlight a Pro Plus user Mark McKinney out of Fort Worth/Dallas Texas(River Oak Media). He has taken his residential photography business and added 360 virtual tours as a sweet up-sell to his clients.

When he started to show 360 tour examples through on mobile (movement responsive tours). His clients we shocked “Nobody else is doing this!”

This tech has led to him averaging 30% to 40% of all his jobs requesting 360 tours. And its helped him recast his vision toward the luxury market as he expands his service network. Its this type of technology that creates natural referrals and builds authority. Amazing!

In this interview we cover:

  • How to show your clients 360 tours for the first time.
  • How to price (to make the sale a “no brainier”).
  • How to capture the perfect 360 tour of a 2500 square foot home in 15 minutes.
  • How to get feedback and become a “teammate” of the entire real estate office.

To watch the interview Click here

Case Study: How Real Estate Photographers Can Make an Extra $20,000 With

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Free Guide: Pricing Secrets Of 360 Virtual Tour Pros

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How To Photograph a 360 Virtual Tour

How To Photograph a 3D / 360 Virtual Tour Of A Empty House

If you want to create a 360 virtual tour of a real estate property, you need to first create the 360 assets (take the pictures). There is lots of guides around the internet showing “How to create 3D tours…” with a variety of hardware and process steps.

Today we are going to keep it simple. Dead simple! Using the Insta 360 ONE X. Watch this video below and get started!

Ready to create your own 360 virtual tour on Get started free. Click here

How To Create a 3D or 360 Virtual Tour In 3 Minutes With Virtual Tour Software

Hey there! In this video I run through a example of speed. And why virtual tour software is a fast solution to create host and display 360 virtual tours.

Video Demo: Create 360 Virtual Tours Fast

In this video I coveran overview of the software.

  • How to upload a 360 photo.
  • How to order the 360 photos
  • How add hot spots and connect the rooms
  • How to move quickly and still maintain great with your 360 virtual tour

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to create your own 360 virtual tour on
login free here:

Dont have 360 photos available? No sweat, we made a sample tour demo for you to use and trial. You can even publish it to your account and show it off as your own 360 demo.

To use our sample tour:

  • Login
  • Click ‘play with sample tour’
  • Create an amazing 360 real estate experience on CloudPano
  • Click publish

Its easy! Congrats you are now a world class 360 provider and you can market in Virtual Reality. Cool!

See you inside.

Zach Calhoon

Co Founder

Get started here:

Why You Should Upgrade To The Pro Plus Annual Plan From

Hey there thanks for being a part our community here at We are excited to help your business grow as a premier 360 virtual tour platform.

Today lets discuss your business directly. And why it makes smart business sense to upgrade your account to the Pro Plus annual plan.

Our Pro Plus users get access to all our premium software features. Plus, each tour published will have the “Made with CloudPano” branding removed. You can publish unlimited virtual tours as a Pro Plus user. And you can white label your domain name automatically onto every virtual tour. We even provide you with a SSL certificate onto your Pro Plus tours. Our software will sit in the background, while your brand shows off the tour.

This means every tour you create, becomes your own automatically. And once this is set up, you are free to focus on growing your business, while we focus on providing a world class virtual tour platform.

Built For The Business Owner and Entrepreneur

Our 360 virtual tour software is built with the business owner in mind. We created a platform that empowers you to increase revenue by adding a valuable high tech service into your toolset. You will be able to create virtual tours quickly, and you can charge your clients affordable prices. Which will increase your virtual tour volume and your average order value per customer.

How To Make An Extra $20,000 With Pro Plus

For example: Mark from Fort Worth is a Pro Plus user and he sends outs 400 invoices a year as a real estate photographer. He guesses that 20% of his clients ask for 360/3D virtual tours. That means he can make an extra $15,000 to $20,000 this year using the Pro Plus plan.

Our Pro Plus plan is a monthly subscription. But if you sign up for the annual plan you will receive an instant discount, and your payment is processed for the year. Pay once and get back to your business.

 (Sometimes we even give out 2 months free to our annual plan users.)

So if you are ready to add 360 virtual tours directly into your business, and start cashing in on this technology. Become a Pro Plus user right now. Its time to upgrade.

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Virtual Tour Profits: How To Hire Out Your Job and Scale Your Business

“Transcript of this Video”

Hey guys Zach here. In this video, we’re going to discuss “Hiring”. And why having a team will make your business that much better. 

So, “Why should you hire?”

Well, you need to have in your mind a comprehensive plan in place to be able to hire people that you have trained to go location and shoot the 360 assets. The reason for this is very simple. As you get bigger, have more clients coming in, have customers asking you to constantly to do things, you can’t be in 2 places at once. So, if you think long term, you have a small team of people who can go and shoot the 360 for you. Once you have those assets and they are good, you can post process, you can create your tour on your own software, and you have someone to do that as well. Then your tour business becomes a portfolio company and as an entrepreneur or other things, maybe ramp up some of your marketing and take some big decisions over there. But if you don’t have a team, you’ll be constantly chasing the next deal while you’re doing your current deal and it’s going to become a drag on you and can be tiring. So, if you think long term, “Who can I hire? Or “How can I hire?” to have the most success possible.

Well, I give you the answer. 360 shooting is easy.

1. Put the camera in the center of the room in the correct and appropriate type of stand and then,
2. you walk out of that room,
3. press a button and in about 5 seconds later the app or the camera itself will take the photo with high quality resolution and it will look beautiful and,
4. you come back in and move your stand in the center of
the next room and take the shot. 

For example, I shot a home recently that took me because I was in a hurry it took me 15 minutes to get to the whole house take all the photos and then get out of there. The realtor, when I was there, she was very surprised and she goes,

“You already done?” 

And I said “I’m already done” 

and she said “okay.”

So, I went off, processed the photos, and I was done. 
Here’s the thing, if you can make hundreds if not almost thousands of dollars in a short few minutes, you’re going to be in a good position but even better if you can hire someone to go out and shoot those shots. Someone who works for you part time, contractual, and you sent them out there to do those tours. Now, you’re just “Boss” man. You sit behind the computer, you sit behind your desk, or you just go hang out with your family, or go to the thing that you want as your team goes out and shoots tour, for tour, for tour, for tour and you just manage the money and this is called an actual entrepreneurial portfolio business.

Virtual Tour Profits: How To Quote Faster and Speed Up Your Business

“Transcript for this Video”

Hey guys, Zack here. In this video, I’m going talk about how to automate or speed up your coding process based on the scope of work you provide in 360 virtual tours.

Okay so, when it comes to being a local service provider there’s nothing slows you down more than creating a custom quote for every single person that comes to your door or wants your service. They see if someone could say, “hey, I heard about this tour hey I want to tour from you guys what do you charge?”

The question needs to already be answered in one pricing spreadsheet. Some of you already have built nor you have done you always, always even you know it doesn’t even matter ask questions back to them say,

“Hey, sure I give you a quote how many floor plans do you have and how many amenities?

That’s an educated question and we’ll be able to answer that question.

“Oh! we have nine have floor plans and we have you know six amenities”.

“Okay cool, I mean it’s how many units do you guys have? Okay, great 316, awesome, what’s your occupancy right now?”

So, like right now you’re asking these questions are all very relevant to that customer in this case I’m talking about multifamily luxury apartment complexes which who you should be targeting. And so, when they ask you what your pricing is don’t say yes on your quote that doesn’t feel customized to me I don’t feel like they’re cared for so, even though this is really important to have your pricing already figured out which I have one two and three tiers based on you know how many floor plans how many amenities that they have and a la carte options that they can pick from and choose from there on their own it’s all there on the pricing sheet. I still want to ask those questions so first;

A. Ask questions.

B. Be able to send over the pricing sheet based on their answers, right? If an apartment complex has 100 units or has hundred fifty units or versus a part complex who has 316 units, they have a budget bro. 5% occupancy increase is a big difference to them. 5% over here at the hundred units or fifty units it’s much difference it’s not as economically impactful to spend marketing dollars there, right?

C. So, you can kind of gauge your pricing based on that. If a prospect calls you because he saw your tour loved it, he’s going to probably buy from you if the price is right. So, whenever you sent or so have kind of those things in mind you’re saying out pricing but also to this makes quoting easier for you as the business owner.

Down the road whenever you are hiring people, when you’re hiring assistants, when you’re getting administrative help the last thing you need to do is be worried about every quote every little thing the hope is that you have a high volume of leads coming in you’re saying that a high volume of quotes and most those quotes are pretty much the same. If you have that if you productize your service in that way then it makes it very easy and the customers has to just decide, right? Rather than you making the perfect customized quote and having one price customer sometimes you may think all those guys probably going to be worth you know $2,500 bucks if max and then you send them out you know that third tier just in case they want it that $5,000 quote and they bite, well shoot that’s a pleasant surprise, right?

So, think this way, productize and automate your coding process. The way you automate your coding process is have a simple 1, 2, 3, customer chooses pricing to your concept. This shortens down the window and time of you quoting it allows you to do more for your service and grow your business more and think less about the exact quote for that particular person. Let them choose it, you don’t have to, so you can scale, alright? That’s it for this video of how to automate your service by productizing it in a simple 1, 2, 3 step way.

Thank you for watching this video. I would love for you guys to subscribe, comment, engage, follow this channel, follow this blog so that you can have the success that we can share your stories with other folks too, alright man.