How To Run Facebook Retargeting Ads For Virtual Tour Providers, Photographers and Digital Media Pros

In this post, Zach Calhoon, co-founder of, will talk about what Facebook retargeting is, why it is important, and why your business should have it running? He is going to discuss why it is a valuable marketing tool for you and what you have to set up so you can run Facebook retargeting.

Facebook retargeting is probably the most cost-efficient marketing spend that you can do since it is very affordable and anyone can run them if they are set up correctly.

What is Facebook retargeting?

It is when you open up your Facebook account and you see a post from a buddy and then you see a sponsored post right next to that post from your buddy. That second post is a Retargeting Ad.

So, how do you create one? How do you get one going? And how do you make effective ones?

#1 Setup an Ads Account

The first thing you need is an Ads account on Facebook. To do that, simply go to Have your Facebook page there, add all your information, and get it all set up.

#2 Setup Your Facebook Pixel

What is a Facebook pixel?

Your pixel is in the header of your website and all your pages. You can create pixel events where people who hit your website could be added into a custom audience and becomes an asset to you as a business owner, which is very important when you’re running retargeting campaigns. It feeds information back to Facebook. And Facebook lets you do whatever you want to do with that information.

A Pixel is an asset that collects information from your Facebook advertising, your Facebook page, and your website and anywhere you put your Facebook pixel. Once you have this setup, you can attach it to your Facebook page and install it everywhere that you have access to such as any landing page software you may be using on your website or even on multiple websites. And you can do it for FREE!

#3 Create a Custom Audience

When your Facebook Pixels is installed in the header code of your website, people can go and check you out, and they will see your ad every time they log into their Facebook account.

You can make multiple customized audiences – anybody who has engaged with your Facebook page, which means that they have looked at it, clicked on it commented on it. As you go strategize, this audience will grow!

#4 Create a Custom Conversion

This could be something simple as a website lead or a sign-up form. You can assign a cost to that or you even have your custom conversion on a thank you page after a purchase. Then you can assign a number such as a ROAS (Return on Ad Spent).

#5 Create a Conversion Ad

What ads actually work?

Make people understand what you are offering because that will be the call to action, to reverse engineer your objective. Give some free information that could be helpful to them, build rapport, and gain their trust. Your Ad should talk about what’s called as Attention Interest Desire Action.

Give it some time and you’d be surprised how effective these ads work!

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