How To Create Floor Plans With Measurements From Your Phone App. GLA Included! Scan With Lidar Fast!


How To Create Floor Plans With Measurements From Your Phone App. GLA Included! Scan With Lidar Fast!

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our new floor plan scanner app, which allows you to create appraisal quality floor plans with measurements and Gross Living Area (GLA) in just four minutes or less. By using our lidar scanner technology, you can scan an entire property in just a few minutes and receive an accurate floor plan, with a variance of only 1% in terms of exact square footage.

Our floor plans include fixed furniture, windows, doorways, bathrooms, and ovens, and you can fully white label the output and add your own logo. Additionally, the floor plan output meets the ANSI Z765 standard, which means it meets the new square footage calculation method required by Fannie Mae.

In this video, we will show you how to create your first-floor plan scan and have it processed within 24 hours, all from our team and technology at Cloudpano. If you are a real estate photographer, appraiser, builder, property manager, or realtor, then our floor plan scanner is the perfect solution for quickly creating accurate floor plans.

In addition to the standard 2D floor plan output, you can also add color site plans and even convert your floor plans into 3D floor plans. GLA measurements and fixed furniture are included with every floor plan as standard, and you can fully white label the output and add your own logo. Every 2D floor plan project is priced the same, and if you need to add additional levels to your order, it is included for free.

If you need to create floor plans for an 8,000-square-foot property in just 24 hours, our floor plan scanner can make it happen. The app is extremely easy to use – simply click the start button, use the lidar scanner to scan every wall, corner, and room in the property, and then upload, customize, and process your order within 24 hours. You will then have an appraisal quality floor plan ready to deliver to your clients.

In addition to the app, we also include an online management dashboard where you can manage, download, and request changes to your floor plans. Your entire team can run off of one account and manage all of your floor plans in one place, and you can manage and share your floor plans from the mobile app as well.

Our floor plan scanner is extremely fast and accurate, and you will be able to use it to create hundreds or even thousands of floor plans for you and your team. If you charge for this service, you can easily add a margin and consider it another profitable service in your media stack, increasing your customer lifetime value with just a few minutes of work.

We at Cloudpano have already been used by over 37,000 users in 21 countries, with over 180,000 real estate projects on our platform. Our customers, which include Keller Williams, Lennar, Toll Brothers, Lamborghini, University of Alabama, Nike, and, love our software tools and we believe you will too.

Typical floor plan pricing can be hundreds of dollars per property, but you can get started creating floor plans with accurate measurements, GLA, and fixed furniture for a fraction of that cost with our floor plan scanner. Thank you for considering our app, and we hope to see you on the platform soon. My name is Zach Calhoun and I am the co-founder of

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