How to Remove Tripod/Nadir In Seconds By Adding Your Own Custom Logo On Your 360 Photos

How to Remove Tripod/Nadir In Seconds By Adding Your Own Custom Logo On Your 360 Photos

Hello and welcome to the latest update from, your 360 virtual tour platform for creating interactive media just like big brands do. At CloudPano, we allow you to private label your virtual tours so you can provide world-class services and products to your clients.

In this update, we’re excited to introduce a new feature called the “Nadir Patch,” which allows you to quickly and easily remove the tripod from your 360 photos, also known as the “nadir,” and add your own custom logo to the tour. This feature is available in the CloudPano editor and is easy to use. Simply click the “Add Nadir” button, and an editor will pop up where you can select a pre-made patch or upload your own custom logo. You can also link the patch to any hyperlink you choose, scale and rotate it to fit your needs, and even add a custom frame around it.

To try out this new feature and all of our other cool features, simply log in to CloudPano and click “Get Started for Free.” If you don’t have a 360 camera, you can also download our app on the app store by searching for “CloudPano Virtual Tour Creator.” And be sure to upgrade to Pro Plus to unlock even more features.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and all that CloudPano has to offer. Happy virtual touring!

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