How To Add 3D Dollhouse Floorplans On Your 360º Virtual Tours

How To Add 3D Dollhouse Floorplans On Your 360º Virtual Tours is excited to announce a new feature called 3D Dollhouse.

This feature allows viewers to navigate a property or 360 tours in full 3D on From the top view, viewers can look underneath and spin around the property to get a feel for what the location looks like. By clicking on specific hotspots that have been added, viewers can easily navigate to different parts of the property.

The process of creating a 3D Dollhouse is simple. First, you will photograph a 360 virtual tour of the property, making sure to title the rooms and capture enough 350 photos to cover the entire location. Next, you will place an order for a floor plan, which will use to create a 3D model of the property. This model will be automatically placed inside your virtual tour within 24-36 hours or 48 hours for larger properties.

To get started with 3D Dollhouse, go to and stay tuned for future videos on how to order a 3D Dollhouse and connect rooms and add hotspots to your 3D Dollhouse on

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