Virtual Tour Business Marketing – How To Email 2000 Properties In 4 Days

In this post, Zach Calhoon, co-founder of is going to talk about how you can email 2,000 apartment complexes in as little as four days! Click play and watch this video:



When you are starting off in the virtual tour space without any referrals and all you have is a couple of pieces in your portfolio, what you need to do is spread your message as wide and as far as you can to the appropriate prospects.

In Houston, Texas, 360 virtual tours are starting to take off. There are around 10% of the luxury apartment complexes that already have them, and the 90% still wants them but hasn’t had them just yet. And there are reasons for that. But we know as a group that as we mark it to these people, there is a large percentage of folks who are uninterested.

According to a book called the Ultimate Sales Machine by the late marketing consultant Chet Holmes, 3% of your market is looking to buy now, 6-7 % is open to it and may want it, and the majority of the rest of them are either not thinking about it, don’t want it, or not really interested.

So your target is that 3%. If that’s the case, you need to really send out a lot of messages to many people!

So what were Zach and his team’s strategy to capture and maximize that 3%?

They hired a professional virtual assistant team overseas to scrape emails for them and manually send one by one to the property managers. They hired this team and gave them the email to send out. They were given one email, and an email forwarder was set up so if any replies hit that inbox, it would go to Zach and his team. They basically created a  whole entire job description of exactly what to do how to do it and made a video online showing a screen share of how they want each email to be sent out.

You can’t just add a bunch of emails into an automatic email responder without getting hit with spam issues. So your objective is to have each email sent out manually. If you don’t have time to do that, you can have a really fast data entry team that can do this for you!

Zach and his team thought that if they can start a few conversations with a couple property managers, get their foot in the door, and ask for a strong referral, their business will compound over time. And they are seeing excellent results from this strategy!

So far, around twenty responses have come through from this fast email campaign, and it is just a general email to a general email of that apartment complex. A lot of people could ignore it so it’s not the best strategy to think in the long term. But if you’re just getting started and trying to figure out how to get in front of as many eligible prospects as possible, a mass email campaign is a great strategy to get you started.

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