How A Real Estate Photographer Makes $8,000 – $10,000 A Month As A Pro Plus User

In this post, Zach Calhoon interviews Christy Britt, a Pro Plus user who is having lots of success in her market.

In this interview, they will discuss a few important things like how Christy understands her market, what she does for pricing, and how she thinks long term with her clients. She also reveals a simple sales strategy and tactic that you could use today. Check out the interview and listen to why she loves and uses as her 360 virtual tour platform.


Christy Britt previously worked for a virtual company for about seven or eight years and then went out on her own last year to start her own business. She lives on Padre Island where the primary market is residential real estate and mostly beach houses. Her vacation rentals market is small but very unique and helps her make a lot of money upwards to ten thousand dollars per month as a realty photographer.

Christy decided to go with CloudPano rather than some other alternatives because it makes it easier and quicker to show the space to her clients in a virtual tour environment. By using the platform, she also doesn’t have to make a huge investment for all the equipment and pay hosting fees.

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