The Only 4 Sales Activities You Need To Do

The Only 4 Sales Activities You Need To Do

Welcome to my blog post on the four key sales activities that you should be focusing on every day. These four activities are crucial for moving your business forward and understanding the customer journey from beginning to end.

The first activity is building your local network. This is important because you need to have people to sell to in order to book demos, host demos, and follow up and close. Think about how you can build relationships with potential customers in your local area.

The second activity is booking demos. This involves reaching out to potential customers and setting up demonstrations of your product or service. The goal is to showcase the value of what you have to offer and convince the customer to make a purchase.

The third activity is hosting demos. This involves conducting the actual demonstration and answering any questions the customer may have. It’s important to be knowledgeable and confident when hosting a demo, as this will help you close the deal.

The fourth and final activity is following up and closing. This is all about helping the customer complete the transaction and becoming a paying customer. It’s important to prioritize this activity, as it’s the final step in the customer journey. Think of yourself as the helpful assistant at the self-checkout, guiding the customer through the process of completing their purchase.

It’s important to focus on these four activities and not get distracted by other things, such as your website or advertising. Keep it simple and prioritize following up and closing, as this will help you move the ball forward and grow your business.

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