Meet The Founders 1:

In this video, Zach Calhoon interviews his co-founder, Clayton Rothschild. If Zach is the face of CloudPano, Clayton is like the brain who builds the software and constantly develops new features together with his team.

In the interview, they are going to talk about Clayton’s role as a software builder and developer. They will also explain the process of building the CloudPano Virtual Tour software as well as how much work they put into improving it and adding more features as requested by the users. Click play to listen to the interview.

Clayton’s role is to develop new features and manage the process. He does every single part of it from conception and ideation all the way to getting it deployed out to 20 different countries in the world. He and his team are even localizing it now into different languages!

So what do Clayton and his team do to make CloudPano a world-class software?

Every single line of code is put out into a test server that is basically like a replica of CloudPano, with tours and users. Once they develop a new feature, they deploy it out to this test server and release it after a month or so once it is good and working. They always do their best to do constant releases.

Software development is NOT an easy process. It goes through a Quality Assurance process, from the testing phase down to the release of the new features to ensure quality and long-term value. That’s how they do their future development and that’s what makes CloudPano here to stay.

Zach and Clayton care about their users. They want to empower people to start their own businesses and make money for themselves using the platform, and also through their training.

The founders of CloudPano want to be your long-term partners in building the platform and they are thankful for those users who trust them with their membership. They are continuously creating more features to serve you better and improve your user experience.

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