What Is A 3D Virtual Tour?

In this video, I’m going to highlight what a 3D virtual tour is. It’s totally okay to consider 360 a kind of 3D because it is in a sense you can move up and down and it has more kind of dimensions to it.

3D models that are created, are oftentimes associated with 3D floor plans that look like on the video.

This is created from this home. It’s a 3D floor plan. And as I drag it left and right the home and move around, I’ll have a full understanding or a full feel for what does the house really looks like. 

You can create the 3D model easily on CloudPano. Literally, just take some photos of the interior of a space, say it’s a real estate home. You capture all of the locations or all the rooms, you have them taken at the same height of your monopod or on your camera stand. 

You can just have our team build these 3D models for you and in a couple of days later, you’ll have a 3D model built and you can deliver that to your clients for their marketing purposes.

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