What Is A 360º Image?

A 360 image is a 2:1 photo. The X-axis is two times as long as the Y-axis and that makes the shape of the photo equirectangular. It is basically a 360 fully immersive photo.

In the video, Zach shows a sample of a 360 image. The carpet looks really bent and weird. The couch and skyline are kind of flaring out and even the table looks like it’s bent and strange-looking. This is not how the room actually looks. It is a 360 photo of that room. So what you need to do is, upload the room photo to CloudPano.The app centralizes the viewer and wraps that photo around the viewer so that you can see a 360 photo. Then you’d get the full immersive view of what that room looks like. You can capture all types, of different cameras in photo processes, but the easiest way is with a 360 camera.  Also, there’s a free app on the Apple app store for CloudPano and you can create them from your iPhone.

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