What Is A 360 Virtual Tour?

A 360 virtual tour platform is where you can create 360 experiences of real estate, vehicles, RV, builder homes, 3D models, etc. You can do a lot of really cool things, and basically, 360 virtual tours are marketing tools. You can create immersive experiences. If you have a nursing home and you want to create a virtual tour, if you have a multi-family property you can create a virtual tour, and help pre-lease it or pre-sell it before someone comes to the location. 

This helps the buyers, renters, or the people looking to make a transaction and have full awareness of what is here what it looks like and be able to make an educated decision.  That’s what a 360 virtual tour is, it’s a series of three 360 photos gathered together. You can customize the names of the images, you can customize the theme and the skin of how it looks. You can connect them via hotspots and add info spots. What you need to do is, upload 360 photos, organize them, click publish, and now you have a virtual tour!


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