Virtual Tour Selling Call Script: How To Call A Property Manager With Success

In this video, Zach Calhoon, co-founder of, talks about how to make a short and simple script that you could use when calling a property manager. Click play and watch this video:



When you call someone, you should have a couple of things written down of what you want to say first. Just like everybody else, you could get nervous or forget what to say. You don’t want to stutter, stammer, or fumble over words. Writing down a small script helps you smoothly transition into the call.

Often, what happens is that the property manager or that person that you are trying to get a hold of is busy or they have something going on which is just normal. At that point, if you built a little bit of rapport with that person, you can now ask them for their name and email address. They would probably give you a general email or something you can reach out to. At least have a starting place for your communication, which is really important.

So, the script should be pretty simple, and can go like this:

  • First, say “Hi! How are you?” and wait and listen for them to respond.
  • Then, say “Great! Well, here’s why I’m calling. My company does this…are you interested in this?”

This short and simple script will get you a long way! Just ask questions and don’t mumble through your words. Listen well, and then get the correct information you need and stop the call. It’s that simple!

You must also have appropriate expectations. When you make cold calls out of the blue, there’s a certain percentage that they are not going to go that well! You’re going to talk to the wrong person or someone who’s having a bad day. You’re going to stutter or stammer over your words. But it’s not a big deal!

It’s a numbers game! If you make ten calls a day and five go well, then you did a good job! If you make 20 calls a day and 10 go well, then that’s incredible! The ten calls that didn’t go well might be because you just didn’t get a hold of the right person. Don’t think of it as just a waste of time and don’t get discouraged!

Remember that this is business! If it’s Virtual Tours or anything else, you have to be okay with making somebody upset or interrupting their day because if you didn’t, they’ll never know what value you bring. There will be no exchange of value! So interrupting them is just a part of it.

If you’re just going to be polite and kind, no one’s even going to remember you. But if you spark their interest, then you’re on to something. You can start the conversation. You can start building rapport. That’ what the call is all about. Building rapport! It usually takes time, but it’s worth it!

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