Virtual Tour Profits: How To Hire Out Your Job and Scale Your Business


“Transcript of this Video”

Hey guys Zach here. In this video, we’re going to discuss “Hiring”. And why having a team will make your business that much better. 

So, “Why should you hire?”

Well, you need to have in your mind a comprehensive plan in place to be able to hire people that you have trained to go location and shoot the 360 assets. The reason for this is very simple. As you get bigger, have more clients coming in, have customers asking you to constantly to do things, you can’t be in 2 places at once. So, if you think long term, you have a small team of people who can go and shoot the 360 for you. Once you have those assets and they are good, you can post process, you can create your tour on your own software, and you have someone to do that as well. Then your tour business becomes a portfolio company and as an entrepreneur or other things, maybe ramp up some of your marketing and take some big decisions over there. But if you don’t have a team, you’ll be constantly chasing the next deal while you’re doing your current deal and it’s going to become a drag on you and can be tiring. So, if you think long term, “Who can I hire? Or “How can I hire?” to have the most success possible.

Well, I give you the answer. 360 shooting is easy.

1. Put the camera in the center of the room in the correct and appropriate type of stand and then,
2. you walk out of that room,
3. press a button and in about 5 seconds later the app or the camera itself will take the photo with high quality resolution and it will look beautiful and,
4. you come back in and move your stand in the center of
the next room and take the shot. 

For example, I shot a home recently that took me because I was in a hurry it took me 15 minutes to get to the whole house take all the photos and then get out of there. The realtor, when I was there, she was very surprised and she goes,

“You already done?” 

And I said “I’m already done” 

and she said “okay.”

So, I went off, processed the photos, and I was done. 
Here’s the thing, if you can make hundreds if not almost thousands of dollars in a short few minutes, you’re going to be in a good position but even better if you can hire someone to go out and shoot those shots. Someone who works for you part time, contractual, and you sent them out there to do those tours. Now, you’re just “Boss” man. You sit behind the computer, you sit behind your desk, or you just go hang out with your family, or go to the thing that you want as your team goes out and shoots tour, for tour, for tour, for tour and you just manage the money and this is called an actual entrepreneurial portfolio business.

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