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Hey guys zac here in this video we’re gonna talk about calling prospects on the phone how to get over the fear and get on the phone.

So in this day and age we’re looking at a lot of folks growing up in a space where texting and Facebook and social are these ways to communicate and engage with other people and in emails just feel easier when it comes to communicating with a prospect but when it comes down to someone taking out their wallet and giving you money for a service it’s very important for you to call some on the phone and have a conversation.

So what do I mean by this and why is it a big deal. Well truthfully a lot of time in business especially when you’re starting out there’s a lot of fear in emotion and things that go on in your mind that aren’t true but that feels so powerful and hold you back from making the simple phone call you need to make.

So what I mean by this well when I first started out making cold calls and making calls in general or funnel prospects I typically would just get nervous I was hard to sweat in my palms I would start to feel a little bit jittery I felt my stomach would feel heavy but you know this is weight on my chest it was this strong anxiety feeling of not wanting to make a phone call to a prospect not wanting to do sales because I may get rejected or they may tell me no and I think this thought process in fear is very common I think a lot of folks are afraid of making phone calls I think a lot of folks avoid it and text and email and social media comment over making the phone call and that’s a sad thing because 10-15 years ago you had a cult somebody there wasn’t any texting going on right so what I want to encourage you to do is don’t be afraid.

Here’s what I mean whenever you call someone typically they’re like surprised number one they’re doing something number two they’re not really thinking about you and that is an important thing most folks don’t really care about you as much as you care about you.

So what do I mean if you are afraid of getting rejected or are afraid of the possibility that calling someone there may have a bad result that’s typically made up because most folks these days appreciate a phone call.

Here’s what I mean when I call prospects but already engaged with already talked with in some way they usually go oh yeah that’s right we had an email conversation thanks for calling me they always appreciate a phone call and their thoughts about you and their rapport as you build increases because you’ve made a phone call right sometimes you don’t even know what to say or you say the wrong thing but over time you learn a couple questions a couple go to things you can say in any situation that makes the awkwardness settle down and the information flow and progress takes place.

You want progress and if you’re going to send an email someone’s going to wait till later or they’re gonna miss the email or if you send a text I mean you’re not that serious right you need to be taken very seriously and the way you get taken very seriously it’s by picking up the phone pressing the ten numbers and pressing sent right it’s important to make those phone calls.

So here’s a few tips that you can use to help you get over the fear of calling number one know what you’re gonna say know how you’re gonna open it okay so I will write down all the time what I’m gonna say how I’m gonna say it and then my hope is that that goes well and then it comes well then I just go from there and I tell them why I’m calling you’re open is really important people get called sales calls all the time you’re not the only person who does it get over yourself just write down a few things you’re gonna say like hi how you doing ask them listen to what they’re saying hey that’s great cool quick question is this person there so in our case a lot of times we’re saying hey it’s the property manager there or hey is the hotel on duty hotel manager on duty there you know so like that those kind of things get are the great questions opener that you learn over time in any business.

You just learn who to ask for typically it’s a gatekeeper right someone who can tell you Noah they can’t tell you yes that’s not the person you want to talk to and when you know that when you talk to the right person who can tell you yes typically they’re very kind they’re respectful and they want to talk to you because you have value to bring them right so keep that in mind if you have value to bring someone then they will want to talk to you if they can only tell you know they’ll be kind of a jerk maybe and push you away or hey no I’m busy or hey no she’s busy because she’s on the felt like something going on can take a message and those things happen that’s just part of sale so it’s part of life you know.

So you have to learn to get over kind of yourself and what maybe is bothersome about making calls and truthfully just don’t think about you make the compressed 10 numbers and press send good things happen that’s really it just press the numbers and press send to keep it simple don’t worry about what they could say what they might say what they could be doing oh it’s lunch hour they’re probably eating lunch don’t worry about that always past five o’clock about the other day don’t worry about that just call right if they’re busy they won’t answer the phone leave a voicemail tell where you are just keep things simple be human but man get on the phone have a conversation wouldn’t you rather hear this voice hi how are you then hey what’s up in a text message we’ll sell both listen you know one do that okay?

You only taken serious and you want to ask for big sales numbers and you do that on the phone so get over your fear of calling and hit the number way to do that is to get over yourself anything of yourself you have no problems after a while you’ll love it it’ll be the most fun part of your day making sales calls.

alright guys thank you so much for watching this video I hope it helps you I hope it helped articulate some ways you felt in the past and how you feel now and now I hope that you go forward and crush it and start making calls all the time and closing deals and having a lot of fun making a profit comment below subscribe this channel let’s build a community of profit together.

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