[Interview] How To Sell Virtual Tours To Colleges, Dentists and Museums With Joel Neagles

In this post, Zach Calhoon, co-founder of CloudPano.com, interviews Joel Neagles of JREA Virtual 360 LLC who creates really cool virtual tours for clients like colleges, dentists, and museums.

In the interview, they are going to talk about how Joel started out with his business, how he marketed and sold his virtual tours, and how he got clients. They are also going to discuss the projects he has done, and the challenges that he went through that could be helpful to those who are just beginning their virtual business as well as the more experienced ones. Click play to listen to the interview.


When Joel was just starting out making virtual tours, the quality of his work was not that good. But now that he is using the CloudPano platform and has a better 360 camera, the RICOH THETA Z1, he uses them as leverage to make the best quality images and tours for his clients. He is even reshooting those virtual tours that he has done before to make them even better. Now, Joel is fully insured, got an LLC for his company, and is even running in the USF system.

Here are a few useful tips that we learned from Joel that could help you out with your virtual tour business:

  • Before starting out with your business, you have to make sure that you have a customer first.
  • Target a niche and get the most value out of it before going on to the next one.
  • Go out and make connections.
  • It’s okay to begin doing projects at a small fee at first.
  • Get referrals by word of mouth.
  • Show your potential clients the projects that you have previously done.
  • Improve your craft until you become very good at it.

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