[Interview] How To Make Your First $10k As A Google Street View Photographer – Brad Gamson

In this post, Zach Calhoon, co-founder of CloudPano.com, interviews Brad Gamson, a world-class full-time professional Google Street View photographer from San Diego California.

In this interview, Brad is going to give away his sales script on how to walk in the door and turn a business owner into a client, and how to use leverage 360 virtual tours and turn them into full-time money. They will also discuss how he built an agency in the past, his approaches, and what he does to really profit from this service, as well as the detailed workflow on how to make sure that he always has the perfect sales cycle and great virtual tours for his clients. Click play to listen to the interview:

So what did Brad do when he was just starting out?

He practiced his PITCH and went through TRIAL and ERROR. He was in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME and TOOK ADVANTAGE of the situation.

Brad’s Step by Step Approach:

  • Bring a TABLET and always walk in with the tablet.
  • Before walking into a business, do your RESEARCH about the company first. Look into Google business listing first and see if they have a Google virtual tour or if they have an older one.
  • If they already have a Google virtual tour, go inside the business building and pitch with the newer one, ask if there is anything outdated in their old tour or if they did any remodeling.
  • If they don’t, ask for the person who handles the Google business listing, which is usually the owner of the business or the marketing person
  • If the person in charge is not there, which usually happens, get the card with their email address: the owner’s email address, or the marketing person’s.
  • Write them an email if they are not there but if they are present, speak to them personally. Introduce yourself, tell them your name and that you are a Google 360 virtual tour photographer and point to their Google business listing.
  • If the owner says everything is okay and there is no need for changes to be made, go through the approach of the Google virtual tour and show them their pictures and compare them to that of their competitors.
  • Go through your whole presentation about how a Google virtual tour is something that they should have on their Google business listing because it increases engagement, conversions, and Google local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Talk to them about why the Google business listing is so important and why it’s the first thing that somebody sees when they do a Google search for the company.
  • Discuss local SEO and that Google crawls all over these 75 different search engines. Explain to them that the more their name address, phone number, and Google business listing are correct through all of these search engines and they have their picture, hours, description, and service set across the board,  then they have a chance of being found faster.
  • What do you tell them if they are not interested or the owner doesn’t want to talk to you? Tell the person you are talking to take your tablet and show it to the owner. Then walk in and introduce yourself and tell them what you do.
  • You don’t have to make friends at the very beginning. Just try to build a little bit of value and show them exactly what the program is, what it does, and what it will do for them.
  • They don’t always come out and talk to you but if you can, find a way and have the courage to break out of your shell. Go in or just wave. Do what you can do. You have nothing to lose.
  • Your number one goal is to get their attention and then get them to listen to you and just build value. The more value you can build into your pitch, the more they’re going to listen to you.

What are Brad’s Bullet Points?

  • Deliver your pitch with PRECISION and CONFIDENCE.
  • You have to look them dead in the eye say: “I’m the photographer and I will do all of the editings. I will upload the Google virtual tour to your Google Street View and Google Maps business listing. Google will host it for free for the life of your tour. I will do five to ten of what I call the point of interest photos as well as the Google virtual tour. Then I will give you the link to the Google 360 virtual tour so that you can embed it into your company website, plus if you have 2,000 likes you can now embed that into your Facebook page. Then I will give you a 100% guarantee that if you are not completely satisfied, I will make it right so you are satisfied and if you’re still not satisfied, I will refund 100% of your one-time investment.

Google Street View is very important for business listings because it helps businesses compete locally and it helps their listing rank higher locally when folks are trying to find them.

What Google virtual tour does is that it helps businesses get noticed faster. They have the advantage if they have it and their competitors do not since prospective customers will see them and visit them more often.

Like all other 360 Virtual Tours, Google virtual tour also provides CREDIBILITY.

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