[Interview] How To Make Your First $10k As A Google Street View Photographer – Brad Gamson

In this post, Zach Calhoon, co-founder of, interviews Brad Gamson, a world-class full-time professional Google Street View photographer from San Diego California.

In this interview, Brad is going to give away his sales script on how to walk in the door and turn a business owner into a client, and how to use leverage 360 virtual tours and turn them into full-time money. They will also discuss how he built an agency in the past, his approaches, and what he does to really profit from this service, as well as the detailed workflow on how to make sure that he always has the perfect sales cycle and great virtual tours for his clients. Click play to listen to the interview:

So what did Brad do when he was just starting out?

He practiced his PITCH and went through TRIAL and ERROR. He was in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME and TOOK ADVANTAGE of the situation.

Brad’s Step by Step Approach:

What are Brad’s Bullet Points?

Google Street View is very important for business listings because it helps businesses compete locally and it helps their listing rank higher locally when folks are trying to find them.

What Google virtual tour does is that it helps businesses get noticed faster. They have the advantage if they have it and their competitors do not since prospective customers will see them and visit them more often.

Like all other 360 Virtual Tours, Google virtual tour also provides CREDIBILITY.

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