How To Get The Attention Of Any Niche or Prospect


How To Get The Attention Of Any Niche or Prospect

Hey there! Calhoon here, co-founder of Today I want to talk about how to select your niche and provide virtual tours and other digital marketing services for them.

One important thing to remember is that in order to create market resonance with your niche, it’s not enough to simply show off your virtual tours or talk about what you do. Instead, it’s crucial to really obsess over your customer’s pains, problems, and needs.

To do this, try speaking with your target audience and finding out their biggest needs. For example, if you’re targeting a property management company or a real estate developer, they may be most concerned with filling up leases or creating virtual showings. Once you know their most important goal (like filling up leases to a certain percentage), use that goal in your marketing message.

Remember, it’s not about highlighting your own skills or expertise – it’s about solving your customer’s problems and showing them that you can help them achieve their desired results. Reverse-engineer those results into your marketing message and get that message in front of as many people in that niche as possible. This is a quick tip that I hope is helpful.

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