How to Cold Call and How to Use it to Grow Your Virtual Tour Business



“Transcript of the Video”

Hey guys Zack here in this video we’re going to talk about cold calling and why I think it’s the most valuable thing you could ever learn in any business especially virtual tours.

So cold-calling what should you expect and why the heck should you do it at all well the phone the phone is the most powerful tool I believe in all business and you need to develop a skill or a rapport building mechanism through the channel of the phone.

This is very very vital and understands this I get it a lot of folks are scared to cold-call I used to be horrified I would have sweaty palms. I would dial put I put the number in to my phone and not press in and just stare at it and paste around my office there was multiple things I’ve done in the past where cold calling has been miserable. I would sweat everywhere and I would just also have a horrible experience with it and then once I would call the number it would go on and worse from there.

Well here’s the thing when you co call someone or when you call them in general what happens is you get instant feedback and that’s very important because in your mind in our human minds we build up these different ideas or excuses or concepts that are all made up their self constructed and the way to overcome this or break through that barrier is by picking up the phone and calling someone in this day and age with text messaging in different social media platforms a lot of folks become passive and they lose this skill set but I promise you, you can build up the muscle of cold calling and your brain to where it’s not only easy for you but you enjoy it it’s exciting and it’s a life-changing experience because check this out over time when you first were out doing cold calling you’re not gonna be very good it’s just gonna be pretty bad actually and that’s okay everyone starts off bad but over time to get better.

Get a little bit better a little bit better and then after a while it becomes a breeze that you go to that first your first your first idea your first step for is a cold call so that you can get feedback. This way you can know should I follow up with this person on this team or should I just mark them off the list right if you dedicate a few days a week to cold calling for your virtual tour business.

I think you will see dramatic success versus just emailing or saying letters or random doing random acts of marketing so I want you to put in your mind that cold calling is very important and there’s a place for it so over time I can teach you guys some nuances and some little things that help you but think of this way. Cold calling is important without it you’re not gonna know and hear a mix of it stuff up in your mind.

So when I knew cold calls there’s a couple important things that tactics and steps in the process that you need to understand number one you need to understand the business structure of the office you are calling so if you were to call a realtor or a broker cold or typically a realtor has no admin and that number goes right to their cell phone and they get it and if they answer it’s the person you’re trying to talk to but if you call a hotel or an apartment complex an apartment complex has a property manager that property manager has probably an assistant property manager and they probably have an admin and even even they they might even have a real stays on site and when you talk to that admin you need to ask for hey it’s the property manager there because you could start selling your service to an admin who can’t say yes even if they love you so it doesn’t matter how good your pitches or your script is if you’re not talking to the right person so make sure you’re talking to the right person first that is vital and the way you do this is you make the calls and ask questions and figure out who the right person is to talk to so when it comes to an apartment complex here’s a simple script for you to use call the person.

I’ll call the apartment complex you’ll each somebody will answer you say hey is the property manager there if they’re an on-site admin they’ll be able to go yep she’s here or nope she’s busy or whatever and you’ll be able to get her name and if you get forwarded to great just start talking to her and asking questions and you can say something simple like this.

Hey my name’s Zack just wanted to ask you a quick question my company shoots 360 tours is this something you’re interested in and she may say yes no most officials say maybe because here’s the deal your first call isn’t gonna close any sale but you do want to see.

Hey I would love to book a time to talk to you and for us to have a call when would be appropriate to do that she would then respond he would then respond with well you know what Thursday at 4 o’clock call me we can talk that I say cool I can shoot you an email calendar invite get it on our calendar but we can go from there that’s all you got to do now you have an appointment to discuss yours.

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