How To Add More Private Labeled URLs On Your Virtual Tour Software

In this post, Zach Calhoon, a co-founder of the 360 virtual tour platform, talks about a new way of making more money and adding additional customization to your virtual tours on the platform- which is adding more private-labeled URLs and SSL certs to your account. He also tells a story about a user named David who got his business exploding by making private URLs for his client. Click on this video to know more about this story:


Private labeled URLs and SSL certificates are new features added to the platform to help you earn more money and get more clients.

So, how do you do that?

It is by offering private label domains to your clients. It would be very easy to do especially if you are a Pro Plus user who already knows how to it. But of course, it also requires a level of trust from your clients to let you log in to their domain provider.

What you need to do is just add extra CNAME record and BAM! They will be pointed over to CloudPano and they will have their own URL!

It’s a one-time fee of only $75 to you!

More than making money out of these private URLs, the best part is you will create long term clients who would want Virtual Tours in all their properties. They will want their URL, their private label domain on the tour!

The reason why private-labeled URLs are added to your account is to help you make as much MONEY as possible!

Ready to add more private-labeled URLs and SSL certs to your account? Click the button below:


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