Coronavirus and The Next Big Business BOOM – Virtual Tours and VR Tech

In this video, Zach Calhoon, Co-founder of, shares his thoughts on the COVID 19 coronavirus and how it affects the virtual tour industry. There have been some huge market shifts, and he wants to give some insights from what he sees from his side as well as his responses as an entrepreneur and business owner. Check out this video:


In this time of the COVID 19 coronavirus outbreak and lockdowns, there are three important that things you need to remember:

#1: Be Safe

Nowadays, you have to stay safe and germ-free, so you need to always wash your hands. If you’re in a place that’s on lockdown, you have to abide by the laws and stay at home. This is very temporary to keep yourself safe and avoid putting your community’s health at risk.

So, what’s happening in the virtual tour industry right now?

There is a huge spike in the usage and the ProPlus users who are not just trying it out but are really committed to the platform. Demand is about to explode everywhere with virtual tours.  You can join the virtual tour VR revolution and then make a lot of profit for yourself.

Virtual tours are not only for real estate but also for car or RV dealers, self-storage units, nursing homes, churches, and other applications that need some type of marketing and where someone needs to come to a certain place and look around before they go there. It is now a lot higher on their priority list of marketing channels.

What’s going to happen after the lockdown?

Once the stay at home order and the lockdowns go away and we’re past this huge pandemic, there will be a huge commercial small business need for virtual tours for VR tech. As a provider, you have a very good opportunity in the near future.

In the present, the real estate industry is adapting first. Realtors who have never taken a photo in their life are asking how to use the camera and what type to buy. So, if you’re with, you are in the right place!

360 is the future. And it is now becoming the present.

So, for #2: You Need To Adapt.

As an entrepreneur, you need to adapt to the marketplace and to what’s going on.

In the real estate space today, people are in dire need to get their properties, listings and inventory sold. People are still putting up properties for sale. In the middle of the coronavirus, they have been prepping their houses for months. And they’re going to trust their agent, broker, tech provider, or the people selling their property to adapt and sell it for them.

Builders, real estate agents, and a lot of real estate photographers are coming onto the platform and profiting from it. They are also referring their buddies and get paid commissions by the CloudPano affiliate payment program.

#3: Don’t Stop Selling, Keep Pushing!

Don’t just say, “Hey I shoot virtual tours, you know. Pay me money!”

Because that never works anyway.

This is the time to help people out. In this time of fear, you can help your clients. You don’t have to give virtual tours away for free, but you can ask for referrals in return.

Don’t use fear to sell. Always be kind and serve first. See who you can serve and have the most constructive conversations on your niche and you will find profit quickly in this space.

We are about to see one of the biggest shifts in the VR and 360 Tech in the history of mankind.

So, if you’re watching this video right now and you’re already on CloudPano as a Pro Plus user, there’s a chance you’re about to make more money in this space than you’ve ever made. If you’re not yet on CloudPano or in the virtual tour profit Facebook group, you have every reason to commit now. It’s a good time to go pre-sell and build connections!

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