How to Add Hotspots to a Virtual Tour

“Transcript of the Video”

Hey guys in this video I’m going to teach you how to add hotspots to your virtual tour

1. Go to and,
2. Click get started.
3. Once you’re here, select some 360 photos to add to your virtual tour. My case goes right here and add these three photos. I’m going to name these photos before I get started with adding the Hotspots so I can know which photos I am adding the hotspots to they help me call it living room den and bedroom. Now because I had the living room selected this is what I see in this part of the image right?
4. So I can select set initial view so this is my first, this is where I will first begin viewing this room I can click link hotspot put the hotspot anywhere I want, so I’ll put it next to this door and I’ll have this hotspot go to the den.
5. Once I click that it’s automatically added to that hotspot linking.
6. Now when I go to my den here I am. I want to add two hotspots.
7. I want to go back to the living room I can click right here go back to the living room and one link to go back to the bedroom well it looks like I didn’t name this room so that’s why I need to press enter, there we go.
8. So with those hotspots added very quickly I can go to the bedroom my last hotspot edition set my initial view click hotspot back to the den area and once I click publish all my hotspots are added I log in to connect my account I want to upgrade I can’t right now I won’t and now you see in this living room right where I put that hotspot.
9. If I click right there the user will be able to tap or click there. I now have hotspots in each room connected to the other one and what’s cool about these hotspots is someone can also, if they want we’ll take out VR goggles tap the virtual reality mode and when someone puts the center dot no hands on to that they can actually travel to the next room you give it a hotspot hands-free which is really cool and fully submersible.

That’s how you add hotspot to your virtual tour with

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