How To Customize and Add 3D Dollhouse Floor Plans To CloudPano Virtual Tours


How To Customize and Add 3D Dollhouse Floor Plans To CloudPano Virtual Tours

Welcome to CloudPano’s 3D dollhouse floor plans! In this video, we’ll be discussing what these floor plans look like, how to order them, and how to customize them for an amazing virtual tour experience for your property or location.

To access the 3D floor plan, simply click on the floor plans icon on CloudPano and click on the floor plan. This will bring up a 3D model that you can navigate through by clicking on the locations you have created. To customize the 3D model and create a personalized experience for your virtual tour, use the mini editor at the top right of the screen. Here, you can set the default view by zooming in or out and adjusting the angle. You can also add room names by clicking on a room and selecting the correct option from the list.

In addition to customizing the 3D model, you can also add hotspots to your floor plan. These hotspots can be linked to 360 views or other floor plans, allowing your viewers to easily navigate through the property. You can also add tags to your hotspots to provide additional information or highlights.

Overall, the 3D dollhouse floor plans on CloudPano provide a unique and interactive way for viewers to explore a property. Whether you’re a real estate agent showcasing a home for sale or a business owner offering a virtual tour of your location, these floor plans are a great addition to your virtual tour.

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