How to Add/Embed a 360 Virtual Tour to Your Website

With 360 virtual tour software, you can create a tour and upload it to your website or blog.

Use the embed link provided when you publish your 360 tour.

For Example:

is what a embed link looks like when you publish a virtual tour on the Cloud Pano 360 virtual tour software platform.

Code example:

<iframe src=”; width=”100%” height=”500″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>

This is the code you need to add to your website or blog. And its the same code used above. If you want to customize the height of your embded virtual tour, change the pixel number following the “height=”. So in this example the heigth is 500 pixels high. You can change it to 600 by just changing the text to
height= “600”

You can make further adjustments based on your website needs and suggestions from your web developer.

Thanks for reading this post and publishing your Cloud Pano tour onto your website.
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