How To Make Your First $10k With Your VR Agency – 3 Steps

[From the desk of Zach Calhoon]

Dear friend, 

To get to your first $10k with your VR agency, you need a game plan.

Today I am sharing 3 steps that will bring clarity to the path ahead and give you real results quickly.  Follow the steps as I lay them out and you will find yourself swimming in opportunity. 

….Or Ignore these at your own peril….you decide.

Step 1) Pick a niche and validate your offer. 

—> How to pick your niche and what matters most…

Demand, budget, access, and scale are all factors when picking your niche. You should take some time and dig through different niches ideas. Rank them according to these factors. 

Transaction value. “If I bring 5 new customers a month into this business, how much is it worth them?” Is the niche untapped and a blue ocean of profit? Can I access a decision-maker quickly? What industry terms/language are they speaking? Can I offer them high ticket services that naturally follow my VR tours?

All of these factors matter…

And I bet, as an entrepreneur you are thinking about different business owners and niches you are exposed to…GOOD start there. I want you to get wins quickly. So tap into resources you already have access too. 

—> Validate quickly by having constructive conversations…

Listen to me very carefully. Do not get lost in research or go build a landing page. Pick up the phone, dial the number and press the green button to call your niche. Just ask them directly “This is what I am doing, can we meet to discuss more?” Simple. 

If this scares you, good. That means you care. But for a moment I want you to STOP thinking and call someone. This builds momentum. And it causes juices to flow through your veins. I call it “sales adrenaline.” You need this to get things moving and get your first few wins. 

When you sit down with your niche, ask them questions. Listen. Determine what’s really important to them. Care. REALLY care about them. Align your service with their needs and name a price (at first, any price). Validate you can sell to this niche by making a transaction. Later you will leverage this first sale to the entire niche in your city/town. Get your first win and get moving. 

Step 2) Build a system by hiring contract workers to help your build a real business. 

→ Hire your first photographer. Find a young hungry dude/lady to help your “tech startup.” Pay them $20/hour and give them resume “experience.” Teach them how to fulfill the service for you. So you can focus on sales (the life-blood of your business). 

When you hire someone to take 360º photos for you this unlocks time freedom. You can work on building email campaigns. Buying advertising. Learning new marketing skill sets that you can charge high ticket prices for…

This way, every time you make a VR tour transaction, you were just PAID for an inbound lead to your marketing agency. While your competition is wondering how to pay $250-$300 per customer, you are netting $400 per lead that comes to you…Then you pitch them on $1,000 to $2000 per month services. 

This way you are crushing your local competition and they have no idea how you did it…ha good for you. 

Step 3) Think BIGGER. Think LONG term. Charge more by offering more value. 

—> Did you know that 20% of your customers want more? They can afford it too. They are hunting every day for services to help their business grow. 

It’s your job as an entrepreneur to offer more value and charge higher prices.  But don’t be fooled, you can’t just raise your prices and raise your fist in the air and say “I am experienced! Pay me more!” 

ha…don’t be silly. 

All clients care about is results. That’s it. 

If you give them the results they are looking for, they will pay you handsomely. 

That’s why I am teaching exact examples – How to build lead gen campaigns for your clients. Plus I give you the campaigns and the funnels. Just copy and paste them…

It’s 1 example of a high ticket service you can use to help your clients get massive results. 

What’s nice about this model is you only need 4 clients paying you $1,500 month to see $6k come in every single month. Meanwhile your team is outshooting VR tours and building you a healthy list of clients that love and trust your brand… 

We already have students following this model and crossing $10,000 in revenue. Leveraging VR tech and offering “results centered” high ticket services. 

This is how you keep your journey simple. 2 offers. 1 team. 1 CEO (You). 1 real business that works without your constant pull of time. 

Ok go do it. Are you ready?

O and by the way… Learning this model took me 5 years and lots of work (there are many pitfalls you need to avoid). 

Now you have a choice.  Take 5 years to learn all the tools and steps. 


Dramatically speed up your learning curve and get results fast. 

Lets stop thinking about ideas and start building profitable business systems that scale. 

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See you inside,

Zach Calhoon

Co Founder – CloudPano

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