VTPS Updates Ad Templates, Business Models, and Success Stories


VTPS Updates Ad Templates, Business Models, and Success Stories

Hello everyone!

It’s Zach Calhoon here, and I hope you’re doing well today. I wanted to make a short video about some updates coming to our VTPS program. We’re adding more content to make the program even better so that you can get more results, create more offers, and scale your business.

One of the updates we’ve made is the addition of more templates, resources, and design kit items. These can help you to quickly and easily market your business, whether you use them yourself or send them over to a designer.

We’ve also added a program called the Million Dollar Ads Templates Program. In this program, I go through the psychology of advertising and teach you what it takes to be a successful advertiser. I cover ad architecture, which is a crucial element of advertising, and how to match your messaging to your target audience. I also share a case study about my own journey in learning about advertising, and how I used a client’s budget to test and learn as I went.

If you’re an advanced user or looking to scale your business, you might also be interested in our Google My Business Consultant Accelerator program. In this program, I show you how to help a business owner optimize their Google My Business page, which can help you to build rapport and connect with potential clients.

Lastly, we’ve added a Street View program to VTPS. This program teaches you how to use Google Street View to showcase a business’s location, which can be a valuable service for business owners.

We hope these updates will help you to get even more value out of the VTPS program and take your business to the next level. Thanks for watching!

To join VTPS get started here: https://blog.cloudpano.com/virtual-tour-profit-system/

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