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Learn From 28,000 CloudPano VR Entrepreneurs

  • Create a profitable 360°/VR Agency thats scales.
  • Then learn how to outsource the tasks of your entire business and step away while still pocketing the lion’s share of the revenue.
  • Get paid monthly recurring revenue for a job you did once and make a passive, residual income.
  • Set your own schedule, be your own boss, and start earning FAST!

The Golden Age of Virtual Reality and 3D/360º

Marketing Has Arrived

Hey there! Zach Calhoon here.

You might know from history class that in the 1920s, radio went from novelty to global adoption.

In the ‘50s, the same thing happened to television. And now in this era we are ushering in the widespread use of virtual reality and an untapped diamond mine of opportunity is coming with it.

Today, 360º media and VR is still new and exciting. And it doesn’t matter who you are, or how technologically basic you may be. By following a few simple steps, you can make a killing by being among the few VR providers in your local market. A VR revolution is here, are you ready?

Anyone Could Do This And Make Serious Money.

Even With Zero Experience.

You don’t have to be “techy” whatsoever. I’m not. Some of our members have no business or tech experience. In fact, not being a tech person actually makes you better at this business because it makes you more approachable and focused on the practical stuff (getting results for your clients).

Meet the Virtual Tour Profit System (VTPS)

VTPS is a roadmap to your first $10,000 as a digital media service provider.

You’ll learn how to photograph a venue, room or real estate and get the exclusive access to VR software.

But this isn’t just some technical course.

Equally important is learning how to find, attract, and close new business.

Because if you’ve ever operated a startup before, you know it’s not just about having the skills.

It’s about having the clients.

That’s why included with VTPS is all the resources you’ll ever need – from cold approach emails to websites to lists of businesses to sell too.

You can literally cut and paste your way to success.

The Journey Inside VTPS...

You can start from scratch

and unlock $30K deals the next month...

Built On Results


A Step by Step Framework

Stephen Farrel - Baltimore Maryland

CEO of Clover Sky Media

"Closes 5 Clients in 5 Days With VTPS."

Andy Crozier - United Kingdom

Owner of Insight Photography

"Got Started In 3 Weeks With VTPS"

Local Businesses Are Desperate For A Way To Stand Out And Attract Fresh Eyeballs

…And virtual reality tours are like a shortcut for these businesses to attract buyers.



Event spaces…

Vacation homes for rent…

Boats, breweries, nursing homes, anything…

All sorts of businesses are happy to pay you $500 to $2,000 for half an afternoon of work.

Because even though it’s easy (and trust me, it really is easy) you’re offering something not only valuable, but something NEW.

A virtual tour is an immersive, sexy way to learn about a business that truly sets it apart.

Imagine being one of the very first businesses to advertise on TV in the 1940s.

The technology is incredibly persuasive, and incredibly valuable.

With a VR tour, prospects can scope out businesses with a level of convenience the competitors can’t match.

Build A Business Asset In 4 Steps

We created VTPS not just to be a business where you can trade time for money.

We created it so it can make money work for you independently of your effort or input.

Like a chain of dominos, you can just tap it into motion and back away, and the company keeps going (while of course you take home the money).

We’ve distilled your entire process into 4 simple steps to get up and running:

1) PRESELL. Narrow down who your customers are. Find out their “pain points” – i.e., how you can scratch their itch with VR photography. (Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to do this and even give you 70+ hungry industries to choose from.)

2) BUILD YOUR TEAM. Now you simply recruit people to do the work. They’ll pick up the phone, photograph the businesses, do the bookkeeping…everything. We have a step-by-step guide about where to find hired help, how much to pay them, and how to train them, but of course you can do it yourself if you want to, and many do.

3) SCALE UP YOUR MARKETING. We give you a website. We give you the marketing content. We even give you emails to send to strangers and phone call scripts that will have people inviting you in.

4) UPSELL. How can you turn a single $800 job into a $100 per month recurring revenue stream where you don’t lift a finger? It’s automatic and businesses are happy to pay it. This is where things really get fun.

The Bleeding Edge of Innovation, But Easy Enough For A Rookie To Master

In 2016 before CloudPano even existed, I pitched the concept to a room full of business people. I had no camera, no mockups, no anything. Just a dream and a brain full of ideas.

I walked out of that meeting with a page full of people’s contact info, all of them wanting to know more whenever the offer became available. They were interested and wanted my help – and that’s before the business even started!

With the idea validated, I set to work hiring world-class engineers, software developers and designers to create the software that would eventually become CloudPano.

It had to be:·     

  • Intuitive and instant to learn
  • Dummy proof
  • Reliable, professional and polished
  • Fun to play with…

And after several years of development, I couldn’t be happier with the final product. I stood on the shoulders of giants and accepted the help of some of the brightest people I’ve ever known to create a solution anyone could use.

I get it. Starting a whole new business is scary.

I get it. Starting a whole new business is scary.

That’s why I took every step of the business building process and just did it for you.

That means…

  • We’ll give you a website.
  • We’ll give you a live portfolio to show off.
  • We give you all the content, emails, brochures, scripts, proposals, pitch decks and marketing stuff you’d ever need.

There is no guesswork or independent thought required; no skill to learn. You just follow the recipe.

A simple path to $10,000 / month in pure profit

in your bank account

If you work in photography, media, digital marketing, technology, or any type of local service, you can launch into VTPS as a no-brainer business model that plugs into your business.

And if you just want to launch VR Tours as its own standalone offer – that’s fine too! That’s what some of my most successful students are doing.

Either way it’s possible to start from zero and start making a six-figure income in what I think is the easiest way on the planet.

If you simply ask the right people in the right way (which we’ll teach you) people will raise their hand, chase you down, and throw money at you for this service.

I’ve seen it over and over from providers all across the country and it’s only picking up steam.

And Entire Business Model Revealed...

The Virtual Tour Profit System

A Preview Inside VTPS:

How To Prospect 15,000 Prospects Step - by - Step

Caleb Lands A $40,000+ Project Using CloudPano

Jordan Lands A $18,000

Project Using CloudPano

Not Just Money. FREEDOM. 

You’ll get a unique feeling when you start your VTPS journey.

Because you won’t have to report to me or anyone else. You’re the boss. This is a new path where:

  • You can take as much time off as you want.
  • You can work as much or as little as you want.
  • You can work anywhere.
  • You can not work at all (and still make money, lots of it).
  • You can help people who honestly and sincerely show you gratitude for a job well done
  • You can have FUN at work again.

And beyond that, there’s the selfish stuff, too. A nicer car. A bigger house. More vacations. Better retirement. Peace of mind. Fancy clothes. Fancy restaurants. Fancy everything.

All things in life become easier.


And the best part is that there’s a whole module in VTPS about how to build a team to take over so you can have more time for yourself and your family.

Set it and forget it.

So you don’t work for a company.

You own a company.

And beyond that, there’s the selfish stuff, too. A nicer car. A bigger house. More vacations. Better retirement. Peace of mind. Fancy clothes. Fancy restaurants. Fancy everything.

All things in life become easier.


And the best part is that there’s a whole module in VTPS about how to build a team to take over so you can have more time for yourself and your family.

Set it and forget it.

So you don’t work for a company.

You own a company.

Let me and my team take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to win at this. You’ll get:

  • 40+ hours of sales training and courses – so there is zero fuzziness or question about how to proceed and profit.
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to build a list of 2,000 likeminded businesses to prospect.
  • 19 virtual tours that are yours to white label so you can pre-sell your audience and help them visualize your offer.
  • Live cold call recordings to teach you how to prospect and exactly what to say to close business.
  • Outreach tools to better reach your audience and automate prospecting.
  • “How to Outsource” techniques, tricks and pointers for hiring the best talent at the best prices.
  • A niche list of 70+ industries who have proven to be hot buyers for VR tours.
  • Pre-written email campaigns you can shoot off to get fast business.
  • Pricing proposals to look professional and seal the deal.
  • Brochures, tri-folds, pitch decks, stock images, and all the marketing material you’d ever need (and exactly how to use them).
  • Lifetime License To CloudPano Pro Plus membership (see VTPS Diamond below) so you can host your virtual tours for you and your clients.
  • Tutorials and best practices for setting up and running client-getting online advertisements (Facebook and Google) ----
  • Tutorials and pro tips for using a 360º camera.
  • Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials to add that extra polish and professionalism to your work.
  • Plus a list of professional photo editors so you don't have to do any of the work, just outsource post processing
  • Recorded Q and A calls with people who are already hyper successful in this industry who took the exact same steps you did.
  • Lead generation systems, landing pages, and website templates that you can upload and show off in 3 clicks (just swap out your name and info).
  • Salesmanship techniques and scripts to upsell clients to larger, larger revenue subscriptions with you.

Read How Mark Sold His First $10,500 Virtual Tour Deal

To The Mayor Of His Town (Really!)

Hear How Ron Made $10,000+ With This Content

Hear How Bobby Got His First 2 Clients Fast With VTPS

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From The Beginning With VTPS

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Using The Tools In VTPS

How Tristen Is Thankful For The Life Changing Program

Read How CloudPano Users Love The Software

Read How Content Inside VTPS Is Changing Lives

How Barry Smith Runs His Virtual Tour and Marketing Business Full Time With VTPS

How Derrick Is Increasing His Pricing and Mindset Inside VTPS

Buy Today And Get Instant Access:

CloudPano: Pro Plus Membership For 1 Year

+ Power User Training (Value of $897)

The Digital Media Business Blueprint

How To Sell Virtual Tours For Profit (Value of $997)

Outbound Sales Growth Hacking Secrets

How to bootstrap a new local business and scale quickly (Value of $1,997)

Inbound Marketing Program

How To Buy Customers for Profit (Value of $1997)

Outsourcing Mastery Program

How to be resourced for the rest of your business life (Value of $1,997)

Start Up Franchise Kit

Website Template, Sales Design Kit, Slide Deck and Proposal (Value of $2,997)

360 Photography Mastery

How To Photograph, Post-Process and Invoice For MRR (Value $1,748)

The Virtual Tour Profit System

You Thought That Was All? How About These Bonuses!

[Bonus 1] High Ticket Up-Sell Program

I take you behind the scenes with Ron, one of my star students who quadrupled his regular income with my training. This includes coaching videos, lead generation campaigns, funnels and advertising walkthroughs. Plus, I include the exact funnels and automations that you can drop into your own site with one click. (Value of $3475) 

[Bonus 2] Private Team Access

When I started VTPS, I had a crack team of professionals who handled the day-to-day work, everything from data mining to photo editing to website developing. Because I truly want to see you succeed, I’m putting you in contact with them directly so you can hit the ground running and not hit a single speed bump. I want to make this FAST and EASY for you. (Value of $5997)

That’s over $22,000 worth of tutorials, hard-won knowledge, business help, and professional marketing resources.

But our regular price is only $1,997.

Order from this page today

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Whats Included in VTPS?

Access To Group Training Environment With Fellow VR Entrepreneurs

  • Weekly Calls 

  • Accountability

  • Rapid Feedback

  • Build This Business Together

  • Elevate Your Mindset By Congruency

CloudPano Pro Plus Membership

  • 1 Year of CloudPano Pro Plus with VTPS Gold. Or Lifetime Pro Plus Membership with VTPS Diamond!
  • Use your own domain name.
  • Build VR 360º virtual tours in seconds.
  • Add floorplans, custom hotspots, embed content and more.
  • Capture leads on your tour and send them to clients automatically.
  • Use Pro demos tours and pre sell clients in bid niches. And much more!

The Digital Media Business Blueprint -

How To Sell Virtual Tours For Profit

  • We Introduction: Virtual Tour Sales. Getting Started Selling Virtual Tours
  • How To Start a Virtual Tour Business From Scratch
  • How To Pick a Virtual Tour Niche With Exact Examples
  • How To Find Leads And Niches With Google
  • How To Find And Email 2000 Prospects
  • How To Handle Hot and Cold Leads
  • How To Have a Successful Cold Call
  • Live Cold Call - Bonus
  • How To Sell Your Virtual Tours In Person
  • How To Get Referrals and Charge Hosting Fees
  • The Value Ladder - How To Structure a Digital Media Business To Your First $100,000
  • [The Virtual Tour Profit System Video 1 of 2] Virtual Tour Business Automation Explained
  • [The Virtual Tour Profit System 2 of 2] How To Build A System That Generates $10K Per Month Automatically
  • Pre-selling Pack: 360 Virtual Tour Demos To Sell With
  • Business Page Set Up - The Simple Method For Pre-selling
  • Getting Started With Your Website

Outbound Sales Growth Hacking Secrets

  • Introduction: Outbound Selling and The Path To Scaleable -Profit
  • Picking a Niche: How To Accelerate Profit One Niche At A Time
  • The Customer Journey - How To Understand The Deep Desires Of Your Niche
  • How To Use Email To Become A Sales Juggernaut
  • How To Write Great Cold Emails
  • How To Build a List For Your Email Marketing
  • How To Find Prebuilt List [3 Examples]
  • How To Outsource List Building With Real World Examples.
  • Outbound Document List - Written Emails, Niche List, Pricing Pack Example
  • [Design Kit] Brochure, Tri Fold, Pitch Deck, Pricing Presentation and Stock Images
  • How To Pick High Ticket Virtual Tour Niches
  • [Bonus] Client Interview - How To Listen To Your Clients Needs
  • The Secret Successful Lifecycle Of The New Local Service Provider

CloudPano Power User Training

  • Getting Started
  • Power User Training Introduction - 360° Photos Explained
  • Virtual Tour Software Full Walkthrough
  • Dashboard Demo and Tour Management
  • How To Embed Content Onto Your Virtual Tour Software CloudPano
  • How To White Label Your Virtual Tour On - And Keep Your Domain
  • Lead Generation Advanced Feature
  • How To Create A Virtual Tour “Walk Through”
  • Advanced HTML School 1: How To Add A Single Image From Google Drive Into A Info Spot
  • Advanced HTML School 2: How To Add 1 Image Hosted On Dropbox Into an HTML Info Spot
  • Advanced HTML School 3: How To Add A Button To Website With HTML Info Spots On CloudPano
  • How To Add a Floor Plan To Your Virtual Tour
  • How To Create and Share Real Estate In Virtual Reality With CloudPano
  • Downloading Virtual Tours
  • How To Clone Demos Onto Your CloudPano Account
  • Additional Features To Optimize Your Tours

Outsourcing Mastery Program

  • Introduction: Outsourcing - How To Be Resourced For All Your Business Life
  • Outsourcing Overview 1: How to build lasting resources for your business life
  • [Document]: Example Job Post
  • [Interview] Joe My Virtual Assistant
  • [Document] List of Post Processing Editors
  • [People] List of professional 360º photo editors you will love to send you photos to!
  • [Resource] Data Mining Team

Inbound Advertising: How To Buy Customers For Profit

  • Google Adwords Overview: How To Determine Your Local Keyword Targets Google Adwords Campaign Example: How To Build Your First PPC Campaign
  • Facebook Ads: Getting Started With Facebook Ads
  • How To Install Your Facebook Pixel
  • How To Run an Engagement Ad On Facebook
  • How To Create a Custom Conversion On Facebook Ads
  • How to Set Up A Conversion Ad In Facebook
  • Facebook Ads Funnel Example
  • Facebook Ad Copy Example (You can use this too)
  • Facebook Ad Video Example
  • Facebook Ads Live Training Reply - "How To Harness The Beast: Algorithm, Structure, Targeting, Funnels and CTA."
  • See my actual ads templates and go behind the scenes of a great ad campaign.

360º Photography Mastery Program

  • Introduction and Interior Setup On The Z1
  • Interior Set Up (2) With Bracketed Exposures Z1.
  • Exterior Manual Bracketing Set Up Walkthrough Z1
  • Getting Started and The Ricoh Theta Stitcher
  • Lightroom Walkthrough Z1 Examples
  • Photoshop Walkthrough Z1 Examples
  • Nadir Change
  • Metadata Correction Exif Fixer
  • Interior Post Walkthrough Z1 Example 2
  • Exterior Post Processing and Blending Example
  • Final Presets
  • Noise Reduction - Full Tutorial
  • How To Photograph and Create a 360 Virtual Tour On Location With The Insta 360 One X
  • Insta 360 One X Workflow Example - How To Post Process and Outsource The Editing
  • Insta360 Studio File Conversion - How To Create a 360 Image File
  • Getting Paid: How To Send An Invoice On PayPal
  • Getting Paid: How To Set Up an Automatic Paypal Subscription
  • How To Use Google Street View Plus A Workflow Example
  • 360º Cameras and Post Processing From the Web

High Ticket Upsell Program

  • Introduction: How To Upsell Your Way To 10k a Month With a Few Clients. Lead Generation Explained
  • Session 1: Lead Generation System Explained: How To Create Powerful Lead Gen and Automation For Clients
  • Session 2: The Tools Needed - AC and CF Explained
  • Session 3: Automation Set Up and Connecting AC to CF
  • Section 4: How To Run Facebook Ads For Clients
  • [Downloads] Lead Generation Files (Everything done for you, just upload to your account).

Downloads and Sales Material

Full Website

  • Pitch Deck
  • Tri-Fold - Google Slides Example
  • Tri Fold .PSD
  • Brochure .PSD
  • Pricing Presentation Package
  • Proposal Example
  • Media and Stock Images Folder
  • Niche List - 70+ Profitable Niche Ideas
  • Emails - Pre Written Campaigns
  • Website Template
  • Sales Design Kit
  • Power Presell Demos

And Much More!

Affiliate Program Included

If I refer a friend, is there an affiliate program?

Yes! Our current payout is $300 per referral.

Become an affiliate and get paid to refer your friends.

Current Payout:



The Virtual Tour Profit System

Normal Price $1997

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Virtual reality is a burgeoning technology. That means it’s still revolutionary, but people are adopting it fast.

Every day, more people enter the industry and start offering 360° photography and competing with you – maybe in your city.

That means every day you wait equates to another sliver of competition outpacing you.

If you truly want to be an early adopter on the ground floor who can charge high rates as an exclusive provider, the time is now.

Beyond that, it goes without saying that the $1,000 discount will not be available forever and I fully plan on shooting the price back up soon.

The return on investment is simply too large not to.

This is a one-time promotion, and when we take it off the market, that yellow button will go to a different sales page and the price will have permanently increased!

Click this button now and start building the lifestyle you deserve:

A Final Warning:

The entire Virtual Tour Profit System wasn’t created just for fun.

It was created because there is a dire NEED.

Not only do companies absolutely thirst for newer, better ways to show off their spaces and attract clientele, but I also created it for my own freedom – and yours too.

The last thing I want for either of us is to grow old and get fed up of the rat race: working for someone else, having a boss decide how much you’re worth, getting up early and commuting every day with your Thermos of coffee in rush hour traffic.

I never wanted that life and I don’t think you do either.

We are capable of so much more than being an employee in someone else’s dream.

So if you’re ready to finally take the reins on life and strike with intention as you build your own success, there’s a button below waiting for you.

Because every second you wait is another second that VR gets a little older and a little less exciting.

Think about the early adopters to Bitcoin.

Or those that made it to the gold rush first.

Early adopters are rewarded.

Take action.

I’ll see you there. 

To your success,

Zach Calhoon

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High Ticket Upsell Program& Website Template
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Don’t forget! A career that is obscenely profitable… easy to learn… in high-demand… and requires NO outside skill or “figuring things out” … is just a click away.

This is cutting edge technology just waiting to be leveraged. The field is wide open to newcomers, and if you don’t take the opportunity and strike when the iron is hot, and instead want to return back to ho-hum life, then I only wish you the best!