Interview On Shooting Spaces – Founder Zach Calhoon

Hey there! Here is a replay from our co founder Zach Calhoon who was featured on the Real Estate Podcast Shooting Spaces:


Rich and Brian are real estate photography pros. They ask detailed questions about 360 photos and virtual tours. The interview will take you from complete beginner, to a 360 expert.

Check out their podcast and make sure to give them a great rating on iTunes!
From Shooting Spaces Podcast:

“In this weeks episode, we sit down and talk with Zach Calhoon. Zach is the co-founder of CloudPano. CloudPano is a new software for creating and displaying your 360º images into an interactive virtual tour.   Brian had a chance to try out the software and the biggest features he enjoyed were the clean user-interface, ease of use and that the tours are VR headset ready.   Brian bought a VR headset on Amazon for just under $65 and it works perfectly with CloudPano.

It’s so easy now to do 360º images and if you do want to make it as easy as possible, you can pick up a Ricoh Theta for $350 and you have your 360º ready to go in under 2 minutes.  This is a great add-on service for your real estate photography clients with a very minimal investment.

You can see a sample tour Brian made with CloudPano for his nursing home client by clicking here.

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