Case Study: Real Estate Photographer From Texas Generates Addtional $20,000 Per Year With 360 Virtual Tours And Automates Referrals

How to make more money with 360 / 3D virtual tours?

Isn’t this a question we should be asking?

In the world of 360 virtual tour software, 360 cameras, virtual reality and high tech real estate marketing… there is a lot to discuss.

And its fun to track the new tech as it flows through the industry. Changes happen fast and its exciting!

Lets take a moment and focus on profit. Because you (and everyone) need more clients, more jobs and more revenue. Revenue justifies the tech.

Case Study Interview: How To Up-Sell Your Way To an Extra $20,000

Today we are highlight a Pro Plus user Mark McKinney out of Fort Worth/Dallas Texas(River Oak Media). He has taken his residential photography business and added 360 virtual tours as a sweet up-sell to his clients.

When he started to show 360 tour examples through on mobile (movement responsive tours). His clients we shocked “Nobody else is doing this!”

This tech has led to him averaging 30% to 40% of all his jobs requesting 360 tours. And its helped him recast his vision toward the luxury market as he expands his service network. Its this type of technology that creates natural referrals and builds authority. Amazing!

In this interview we cover:

  • How to show your clients 360 tours for the first time.
  • How to price (to make the sale a “no brainier”).
  • How to capture the perfect 360 tour of a 2500 square foot home in 15 minutes.
  • How to get feedback and become a “teammate” of the entire real estate office.

To watch the interview Click here

Case Study: How Real Estate Photographers Can Make an Extra $20,000 With

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