[Interview] How To Sell 101 RVs Per Month Using a Virtual RV Show and CloudPano.com


[Interview] How To Sell 101 RVs Per Month Using a Virtual RV Show and CloudPano.com

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the success story of Chris, a customer of CloudPano.com and a key player at Great Escapes RV dealership in Arkansas. Chris is a jack-of-all-trades at the company, with multiple roles including advertising, marketing, media production, sales, and rental management. He has been with Great Escapes RV for over seven years and is a valuable asset to the team.

Chris’s background is in the offshore industry, where he worked as a process supervisor for multiple contracting companies in the Gulf of Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria. His main job was to diagnose and upsell new platform upgrades for processed water. However, when the industry started to decline and he was let go, he found a new home at Great Escapes RV.

At Great Escapes RV, Chris has been able to utilize his extensive background in technology, specifically his experience with drones. He has been flying drones for years and has been able to implement that technology into the dealership’s operations. One example of this is in the virtual RV show that Great Escapes RV held last month, which was a huge success due in part to the use of Cloudpano’s 360 tours.

He has been taking tours, taking photos, and putting together virtual tours of the RVs. He has even implemented an Easter egg in the tours, where customers who find a specific storage cubby in the tour and purchase the RV, they get an extra gift. This has been a fun way to engage customers and make the virtual tour experience more interactive.

Chris has also noticed that the virtual market for RVs is on the rise and that cloudpano’s software and hardware kit have made it easy for him to implement virtual tours at the dealership. He has also been able to evolve his role from sales to digital media and marketing expert within the company. He has a dedicated account manager, Nate, who has been available to help him with any hiccups and support.

In conclusion, Chris is a prime example of how technology and innovation can help evolve a traditional industry like the RV dealership business. With the help of cloudpano’s virtual tours and his background in technology, he has been able to take the dealership’s operations to the next level and create a fun, interactive experience for customers. His recommendations for creating virtual tours, such as making sure the unit is staged properly and taking extra pictures of specific features, can help other dealerships create a positive image for their customers.

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