How To Upload Virtual Tours To Google Street View With CloudPano Virtual Tour Software

New Feature! You can now upload virtual tours to Google Street View using! Learn more by watching this video. Then get started by creating a CloudPano Pro Plus account here:

Hello everyone!

I hope you are well today. I have good news. You can now upload directly to Google Street View inside your editor. 

This is HUGE news! Why? Because your clients can benefit greatly from this service and you can add another revenue stream into your business. 

To learn more about the new Google Street View feature, please watch the video here: 

Some important notes about this feature:

  1. This is iteration 1. We have some updates coming soon including levels and design upgrades.
  2. Uploading to Google Street View takes time (Google needs some extra time to process your data), so please make sure to be patient with your uploads. At first, they may appear out of order or be missing some photos. This is normal in the process. Give it a few days. 
  3. You will get emails and notifications as you go through this process. This way you are informed as Google accepts your tours. 
  4. If you are having issue, re-watch the video, or email
  5. We are dedicated to making this the best GSV upload experience available. Understand these large features take time and lots of QA. 🙂

Not sure what Google Street View is? No worries. We have more content coming to help you get started selling GSV as a service and becoming a local marketing juggarant. Stay tuned to these emails and watch our youtube channel. 

I am thankful for the CP team and dedicated effort to continually improve CloudPano. 

Thank you everyone in our community. I appreciate your kindness and consistent effort to make each other better. 

Talk soon,


Co Founder –

PS: Ready to join us inside CloudPano Pro Plus? Good. Get started here:

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2 thoughts on “How To Upload Virtual Tours To Google Street View With CloudPano Virtual Tour Software

  1. great to see Google street view upload! Thanks 😉

  2. Hi Guys

    I’m using CloudPano ProPlus now since about half an year and I’m quite happy with it.

    There is one question, I did not find an answer to:
    If I’m on google street view and I’m outside of a building, where I created a gsv tour in it, how can I enter to the pano? So far I only can move that little man-sign of google street view in the right lower corner by drag and drop to the blue circles, but I can’t go directly from google’s pictures to my Pano.


    Apotheke & Drogerie Späni is a Panorama I did recently, it got 3 levels but as I said, it would be nice (and important in many ways), that I can enter right from the street to the building.

    Happy for a hint!



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