How to take 360 Photos

This guide details the entire process of how to take 360 photos

The video below goes over how you would shoot a property with a 360 camera. The camera used in this video is the Insta 360 ONE X, however, this generally applies to any type of 360 camera you would use.


The next video goes over how you would import the videos to your computer and export them to CloudPano

How To Create a 360 or 3D Virtual Tour With The Insta360 One X


The in-between steps from capturing 360 photos in Insta 360 One X and exporting those photos and then turning them into JPEG

Steps to Export Photos from Insta360 One X camera to your Computer

  • You need a micro SD card and SD card Adapter
  • Take SD card out of the camera and plug it to to the SD card adapter 
  • Insert adapter to the computer
  • Computer recognizes it and creates a folder of files from the camera
    • Notice that the file names are in .insp These types of files are not supported with virtual tours, so you have to convert .insp  to .jpg file type. 

Steps to Convert INSP FILE to JPG FILE 

  • Go to
  • Click on your camera
  • Scroll down and select Insta360 Studio editing software (The year changes and depend on the specific time)
  • Download the software based on compatibility (Windows, macOS, LUT)
  •  Run and Install Insta360 Studio editing software
  • Open Insta360 Studio
  • click File Tab and choose Open Files 
  • Select the .insp files that needs to be converted 
    • You may convert photos into batches and may take a few minutes
  • Before exporting photos to JPG, check on the stabilization menu that the toggle box has a check for “automatic horizontal correction”
    •  It makes sure that your 360 photos are horizontal otherwise it will have a slight angle. A lot of photographers are very particular about making sure their photos are well-aligned
  • After checking “automatic horizontal correction”, right click on the selected photos and choose start export
  • A pop up menu appears that says Image Export Settings
    • In here you may edit the File name and File Path
  • Click OK and wait for it to finish
  • The photos are now converted to JPG file and are located in your chosen folder.
  • You may now upload your photos to CloudPano.

Uploading a Virtual Tour to CloudPano

  • Go to and login
  • Click Create a Tour
  • Add File Name and Click Next
  • Upload the photos you just converted into jpg files
  • Once uploaded, set initial view/north point
  • Click Publish and you are all set sharing your tours!

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