How To Sell Virtual Tours Easily


How To Sell Virtual Tours Easily

Hello everyone! My name is Zach Calhoon and in this blog post, I am going to teach you how to sell and close virtual tour technology in 360 easily.

As a photographer, digital media person, or anyone trying to sell more in general, it can be challenging to know how to get more sales. That’s why I am sharing a simple framework that can help you increase your sales.

Step 1: Demo

The first thing you should do is show your potential clients what a virtual tour is and what 360 media and interactive media look like. Show them examples of the features and power of virtual tours so they have a full understanding of what it is and how it works. Demonstration marketing is one of the most powerful ways to sell something, so don’t forget to show them how it works.

Step 2: Use CloudPano Live Chat

CloudPano is a great tool for live video chat and selling virtual tours. With a pro plus account, you can send out a live link that allows users to jump into a live call in a selling environment. This is a great way to demonstrate what virtual tours look like and how they work. Plus, when someone clicks on the link and allows audio or video, they quickly understand that they are in a virtual experience and you are guiding them.

Step 3: Emphasize the Benefits

When selling virtual tours, it’s important to emphasize the benefits to your potential clients. This can include things like increased foot traffic, improved customer engagement, and the ability to showcase their business in a unique and interactive way. Make sure to highlight how virtual tours can help solve their specific pain points or needs.

Step 4: Close the Sale

Once you have demonstrated the virtual tour, used CloudPano live chat to show them how it works, and emphasized the benefits, it’s time to close the sale. Make sure to ask for the sale and provide them with options for purchasing. You can also use scarcity or a limited-time offer to encourage them to make a decision.

I hope these tips help you sell and close virtual tour technology in 360 easily. Good luck!

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