How To Sell High Ticket Virtual Tours Without Selling At All

How To Sell High Ticket Virtual Tours Without Selling At All

Hi everyone! Zach Calhoun here, co-founder of

Today, I want to talk about the process of selling high-ticket or high-enterprise value virtual tours as a service or technology. A lot of people may have this mysterious view of how to sell more expensive products or how to increase the value of their offerings and pricing. In this video, I want to unpack the steps you need to take to start selling higher ticket virtual tours.

The first thing you need to do is sell your thesis. I discuss this concept in depth in my book, Virtual Tour Profit, in the high-ticket chapter. Essentially, in order to sell a higher priced item, you must be able to sell the reason why this is valuable, what makes it so cool, and how it helps the customer reach their goals. By selling the thesis or framework of what is required in the process, you will be able to quickly transition into fulfilling that need.

It’s important to separate the thesis selling and the closing. Don’t move into the closing and pricing until you have established the thesis and value of the service or product with clarity. An example of a thesis in the real estate world could be the expected increase in engagement or listing performance on websites like If the seller of a home or realtor can understand and communicate the value of a virtual tour, they will be more likely to see it as a necessary investment.

Once you have successfully sold the thesis, you can move on to the closing. This includes discussing pricing, overcoming objections, and finalizing the sale. It’s important to remember that the key to selling high-ticket virtual tours is to first establish the value and sell the thesis before diving into the details of the sale. By following this process, you can confidently sell high-ticket virtual tours and increase the value of your service or product.

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