How to sell 360º Anywhere in the world – A resellers story

I have a GREAT Story for you… How Jakub Haidari decided to buy a ticket to Dubai to sell 360 spins…

[2 days ago]
Jakub, sent me a message (read in the photos) that he decided to buy a ticket and challenge himself to go sell 360 spin software in Dubai.

He lives in Slovakia…

I was like… “what?”

Then he sends me a selfie-and 20+ business cards he collected while prospecting in one of the most wealthy (and coolest car) countries in the world.

The reason he collected the cards is because we stress the importance of this step in the spin reseller program.

He handed out so many of his own business cards he had to go print more…

He made an example spin for a dealership. I will post it in the comments.

Then he followed up right away…

And BAM. He booked a demo with 5 rooftop dealership group.


If you need inspiration sometimes you have to buy a ticket and go focus.

I love this story!

Check out the promo video he is working on to show off the tech… I added it below in this post.

Lots of good is happening in the world.

Don’t miss out, take massive action and good things will happen!

Do you want to sell 360 spin software to the nations? Apply today:

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