How To Private Label and Use Your Own Domain Name

Step 1: Watch This Video
(Full Screen Recommended)


Step 2: Sign Into Your Domain Host

  • Find where you purchased your domain name, and login to your account. Example domain providers are Bluehost, Host Gator, Go Daddy etc.
  • Locate your domain setting and find the “DNS Zone Editor”

Step 3: Add A Host Record Pointing To CloudPano


Record type Label/Host field Time To Live (TTL) Destination/Target field
CNAME tours 3600 or leave the default
  • Add a new record to your DNS settings, selecting CNAME as the record type.
  • Change the Label or Host field of your DNS records to use a sub-domain. A sub-domain is before your domain name.
    • For example, if your current domain name is your subdomain Enter tours in the Label/Host field.
    • Note: You must choose a new name for your CNAME record (other than “www”)
  • Change the Destination or Target field of your DNS records to
  • Save the input (click ‘add record’ etc.)

You should see something like this:

Example Of a Private Labeled Host Record
Lets pretend your website is “”

Step 1: You logged into the service where you purchased your domain name (GoDaddy, or Bluehost etc.)

Step 2: You find the domains section

Step 3: You added a CNAME record based on the instructions we previously shared with you.

For example:
Host Record: tours
Points to: 

Step 4: You saved the record and placed it into the whitelabel domain tool and clicked ‘save’

Step 5: You give Clayton and our team 24 hours to add the SSL cert.

Step 6: You create a virtual tour at When you create a virtual tour on CloudPano and click “Publish” use that link and replace the front 2 elements. In this example, if your published tour link is

You would replace “app” and “cloudpano”

And the final link you deliver to your clients would be this: /tours/F_bT4A587K 

Step 7: [FINAL STEP] Save Your New Domain In The CloudPano Tour Editor

Remember to add that new domain into our Private Label testing tool!
Copy and paste your new domain into the “Whitelabel URL” tool in your “Brand Kit” tab.

Step A: Go to your CloudPano dashboard:

Step B: Click “edit” on any tour.

Step C: Click the icon “Brand Kit.”

Step D: Paste your new domain into the Whitelabel URL tool and click “Save.”

Need a video walkthrough for these steps?
See the video here:

When you have completed these steps, Success!

You are ready to deliver private-labeled tours to your clients! Congrats!

Important, you only have to set this up one time. And this feature is only available to Pro Plus Users. Upgrade your account today, click here:

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