How To Create A 360º Virtual Tour From Your Phone For Free


Taking 360 photos is now quick and easy without unnecessary hardware needed. It is all on your phone using Cloudpano mobile application. You can use it hands-free and with a rotator to get the best 360 photos you possibly can. 

The CloudPano camera app is currently available on the iOS operating system. Download the app in the app store and once downloaded, you may proceed to capture 360 photos. When you click on the top right it will give you detailed instructions on how to use the app.  

While capturing, The Yin and Yang or circle puzzle pieces you see on the screen must come together to create a portion of the photo. When they close, pause, and wait for the capture to complete. Repeat the process until you have captured the entire room. Your output will appear immediately on the screen. You may upload these to and start creating your virtual tour. 

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  1. Hello good morning, I would like to take 360 photos with my iPhone 13 Pro. Where can I buy this Kit?

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