How To Automatically Link Back To Previous Hot Spot Scenes On CloudPano The Virtual Tour Software



Creating virtual tours has never been easier with the latest revamp feature from CloudPano called Automatic Linkback. In a recent video tutorial, Zach Calhoon from CloudPano discussed how this feature can save time and enhance the overall experience of creating virtual tours.

Automatic Link Back generates links between scenes, allowing users to quickly move from one location to another. This feature makes it easier to add hotspots, which are clickable icons that guide viewers to different parts of a virtual tour. By enabling this feature, the hotspot editor appears automatically, allowing users to add hotspots quickly and efficiently.

To use Automatic Link Back, users need to make sure they have their North Points set correctly. The North Point is the direction that the camera is facing when a scene is captured. By setting the North Point correctly, Automatic Link Back can create links between scenes without any additional effort from the user.

In the video tutorial, Zach Calhoon demonstrates how to use the Automatic Link Back feature in the CloudPano editor. He starts by creating a hotspot in the kitchen and then sets the link to the kitchen photo. Next, he enables Automatic Link Back generation and saves the hotspot. When he moves to the next room, a hotspot appears automatically, linking back to the front entry.

Zach also demonstrates how users can adjust the hotspot’s appearance, such as rotating it or changing its size. This customization feature makes the virtual tour more immersive and engaging for viewers.

Overall, the Automatic Link Back feature from CloudPano is a game-changer for creating virtual tours. With its ability to generate links automatically and the easy-to-use hotspot editor, it can save time and improve the overall experience for both creators and viewers. If you’re interested in creating stunning 360 virtual tours, be sure to check out CloudPano and become a pro plus subscriber today!

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