Download Your Tours and New Info Spots

In this post, Zach Calhoon, co-founder of, talks about a couple of new really cool features that were recently released on the platform, which are the New Info Spots and the Download Your Tours features. He is also going to show you how to use them and what to look at for these new features.

This video will help you and guide you as you navigate these new features. Click play to watch it:


New Info Spots

Included in CloudPano’s newly released features are new information spots and info spots styles on the Tour Editor. Follow these steps to use these new features:

  • Go to, click sign-in to get started.
  • Upgrade if you’re not already upgraded to Pro Plus to have access to all of CloudPano’s cool features
  • Click on Go To Dashboard and it will go to a page where you can see some demo videos.
  • Choose a video and click on Edit. This will take you to the Tour Editor where you will see the new information spots and info spots styles that were recently added.
  • Click Add Infospot at the bottom of the screen and then choose a spot on your screen (like for example, a chair) and click on it.
  • This will open the Edit Infospot screen. On the bottom right, you will see the default now as a white different styled info spot and there were some shadowing added behind it to make it more appealing to the eye as your viewers look at your virtual tours. The same type of shadow was added behind the black info spots as well. And more of these info spots are coming!
  • After selecting an info spot, enter the name of the info spot under Short Text and click Save Infospot.

These new info spots will look really nice over the top of your images!

The Download Your Tours Feature

The other new feature added on the platform lets you download your own files of your virtual tour and host them on your own server if you have separate third-party hosting. To do that, just follow these steps:

  • Click on Publish and choose Download and host on your own server.
  • Download the virtual tour file and click Save.
  • You can name this file as a subfolder and view it on a subdirectory on a website and hosting provider that you own.

A subdirectory tour has access to all the really cool features and operates just the same how it would directly on the hosted app.

This Download Your Tours feature is for those who make lots of tours and want to back them up somewhere. You can download the virtual tours and have them all available for reuse in the future.

Take note that these very helpful features are only available if you have a CloudPano Pro Plus account.

If you’re not a CloudPano Pro Plus user yet, go to and click Upgrade to get access to all these cool features including the downloadable tours. Just click Add to Cart to get started.

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