360 Virtual Tour Software


If you are looking to create virtual tours, you are in the right place. With a 360° camera, or any 360 image, you can photograph, upload and create a 360° virtual tour with ease here at cloudpano.com. CloudPano is a 360° virtual tour software that host your tours for you. So you do not need any additional coding or development skill. Just upload your photos and click publish. Plus with the additional features on the platform, like floor plans, motion control, vr (virtual reality headset compatible), hot spot room linking, walkthrough view saving, info spots, html content, image uploading, video uploading, button uploading (you can create an e-commerce store on a virtual tour), lead generation capture, tour branding and white labeling (keep your website domain on the tour) your tour customization is limitless. All you need to create a virtual tour on CloudPano is an image file that is 2:1 equirectangular. This means the photo is a 360° photo. Our software takes this photo and centralizes the viewer. So when a user views the virtual tour, it will be a smooth viewing experience from the center of the room. And CloudPano is mobile compatible. So if you are looking for a virtual tour app on android or iOS, you can look no further. You do not need an app to upload photos on the platform. You can use the browser to create a VR tour in minutes. We recommend you use desktop or laptop to fully optimize the tour creation. Also we recommend the chrome browser for tour creation. 360 tour creation is great for marketing all types of businesses. You can create virtual tours for houses, apartments, condos, venues, golf courses, RVs, commercial property, real estate agents, real estate brokers, air bnbs, restaurants, hotels, funeral homes, wedding venues, universities, colleges, high schools, gyms, fitness studios, small business owners, construction, tiny homes and more. The list goes on forever. And whats great is if you are an entrepreneur you can start a virtual tour business with this technology. You can call it a VR tour business or a VR walkthrough business. As you photograph virtual tours you will grow a client base and profit from this new technology!

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