What Is A Virtual Tour?


A virtual tour is an online experience to tour or view space, property, vehicle, showroom, commercial property, etc. 

It’s an online way to look at something and its multiple components. Instead of like when you walk through a tour or go to a location physically. 

There are different types of virtual tours and I want to touch on that today.

 First, we have a 360 Virtual Tour. A 360 virtual tour is just essentially a lot of frequency photos put together in a way that makes it easy to navigate and view space. You can look fully up, fully down, and rotate your way into it. 

To do this, you can send a simple URL link like you can on CloudPano and get a really good feel for the property and be a 360 virtual tourist.  

Second, the 2D virtual tour. With CloudPano,  you can place 2D or still images and create a 2D virtual tour. Thumbnails will be replaced with 2D still images.

Next, is the 3D tour. Sometimes 3D just means it’s a synonym or the same thing as 360 tour, and sometimes it means that there is a 3D model involved in that 3D tour technology. Right as you can see on CloudPano, you can add you know each one of these rooms and once you upload this model, we have it made for you. You can connect each room and connect that for entry, etc and then someone can navigate the space in full 3D, and jump right into their virtual tour experience.

Okay, so that’s what a virtual tour is, I hope that was self-explanatory. There’s a lot of things we can do to customize it and we’ll cover it in future videos. Talk soon!

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