Something New Is Coming – I Almost Died





I almost died.


Hear me out…


I want to share with you a personal story.


Through this experience, I made some big discoveries about myself and the world.


In the process, I rediscovered my purpose and gained huge clarity about the future of our company.


Read along and tell me what you think (you can just reply to this email).


Here we go…


A few weeks ago I went on a backpacking trip on a mountain in Colorado.


It was me and 11 tough men.


I initially thought it was going to be a fun and easy camping trip for 4 days.


So I filled up my backpack, tent, and other supplies to survive in the wilderness for three nights and four days.


The details of the trip were “it’s going to be next level…”


That was about all I knew… I should have asked for more details….ha


The initial hike to get to the campsite was five and a half hours long.  We gained almost 3,000 feet of elevation during that hike.


The final campsite was located at 12,200 FT above sea level. This means the air was very thin and very hard to breathe.


With a 50 lb pack on my back, an uphill climb that seemed to never end, thin air, and my hard realization I am physically ”out of shape.”


My heart rate was being pushed harder than it has been in years.


My Apple watch was warning me to slow down. Reaching over 165 bpm, over and over.


I felt like I wanted to pass out, throw up, and fall down all at once…


Yet I kept going.


This took me to a place mentally and physically I have never been.


Complete discomfort.


No end in sight.


Exhausted (no energy left).


Fear (for the first time ever) that I was going to have a heart attack and drop dead.


A destination that was a tent, on the ground, cold and nothing of luxury.


O and freeze-fried meals (also a new thing for me).


I had to go to a deep place. And find out who I really was…


Survive because it was the only option.


Find strength – when I had none left.


It was epic. Dark. And it felt like I was staring death in the face and saying…


“Not today.”


I made it to the top.


It was by far the hardest climb I have ever done.


I prayed a lot that day.


I learned a lot about myself.


I can do hard things.


And so can you.


Here is a small private Google Photos folder I made of the campsite. I made a small video and yes there were goats up there walking all around us.


See the private folder here:


It was beautiful up there.


No phone. No electricity. No distractions.


Complete clarity.


I have some other epic stories from that trip, but I will save them for another email.


Here is what I discovered…


“Our Company Exists To Help, Serve, and Empower Entrepreneurs. We Build Tools And Resources To Help You Profit and Improve Your Lives.”


This is our focus.


It’s always been our focus. But I have never written it down and shared it.


I am putting a flag in the ground.


Our community will achieve the BEST results possible.


And I have a plan to make sure it’s certain.


And I am VERY EXCITED for what is coming…


Here is a taste of what’s next!


I have a free video series coming up called “High Ticket Recurring Revenue”


Through this series, you will see a LOT of different examples of offers you can install into your business and quickly (in 30 days or less) spin up high-ticket recurring clients into your offer mix.


This is different than anything I have done in the past. We are not just talking about selling 1 off large virtual tour projects. (Which are also very nice!)


This is about recurring clients that pay you lots of money,


Services that are fast to set up and automatically fulfilled through systems and people (your team) that you manage.


High demand. High leverage, low time allocation type services.


The video series is free.


All I ask, watch them. In full.


This is going to help you win.


Whether you are trying to break free from your job or double your business revenue.


This is a powerful content series.


Stay tuned, I will send out more details soon.


Be watching your inbox!


Zach Calhoon


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