[New Sale] Your Referral Just Paid For LeadStack.ai

Today I am showing off a fun and simple way to pay for your software needs + increase your customer lifetime value and stickiness by using the LeadStack referral program (which pays 50% recurring commissions!)

Here is what you need to do….

Step 1) Create your LeadStack affiliate link. It’s free and easy, just fill out this form here: https://leadstack.ai/affiliate-sign-up-leadstack

Step 2) Use your affiliate sign-up as your future referral link for clients or friends.

Step 3) Earn 50% recurring subscription income on all referrals you send to LeadStack.ai!

So for the professional plan at $297, you would earn $148.50 every month from your referrals.

Or if you send out the same link and someone signs up for the Starter, at $97 per month, you would earn $48.50 every single month they rebill.

That’s just from sending out one link to a client…

If you can gather 10 clients on these plans, you could bring in $1,485 per month with no extra work…

That pays for a Range Rover rented on Turo…hot dang!


How can this increase your customer lifetime value?

If you like long-term customers, you are going to love this…

Paving Company Example

Let’s say you are targeting paving companies. Contractors that sell concrete or asphalt work (great niche by the way).

You have a service + software offer.

It looks like this…

You meet the customer and you both determine together they need a service (see examples A, B or C below).

And while you are explaining your services, you mention that you will be using a tool called LeadStack. Which their entire team will get access to.

This does a few things….

#1 – Makes you look like a pro. You are setting up a service AND a system.

#2 – Gets the customer BETTER results because their team is able to track all leads, opportunities and sales. Plus the business owner feels like he is in control.

It’s a complete CRM, so he really will love it…

#3 – This system holds the customers more accountable, and allows you transparency into their business. You know how many leads and sales they are tracking so you can justify your cost AND stick around.

Example Fees You Can Charge and Build On LeadStack.ai

Website and Social Media Management

Website Creation
– Set Up: $2,000
– Recurring: $97 / month
Social Media Management
– Set Up: $500
– Recurring: $400 / month

Lead Generation Set Up and Ads Management:
– Set Up: $2,000
– Recurring: $1,500 / month

Local SEO
– Set-Up: $2,000
– Recurring: $600 – $2000 / month

How To Set This Up:

You send the customer your special affiliate link, OR you get their credit card information and manually type it in.

Then once you are inside their account, you can add team members and your account as well.

This allows you to have full access to their account.

Plus… if for whatever reason in the future they want to turn off your service fees (they will for SURE want to keep the software rolling).

So if a customer has hired you for 10 months at $1500 a month, but then they have a bad quarter or whatever – they keep the $300 per month software and you still pocket $150 per month and give them the occasional hourly consulting “how to use the tool”… Its a keep winning scenario bro!

So if you are interested in this type of business model that is sustainable and profitable.

Sign up for our LeadStack.ai special promo today.

To get started, watch this video: https://leadstack.ai/launch

O and if you would like to check out our affiliate program, sign up here: https://leadstack.ai/affiliate-sign-up-leadstack

See you inside,

Zach Calhoon

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