[New 360 Camera App For iPhone] – CloudPano Virtual Tour Creator and Rotator


Big News! The best way to create virtual tours from your iPhone is the new CloudPano Virtual Tour Creator App! Get access to the new app for free with our new CloudPano Virtual Tour Kit – click here: https://www.cloudpano.com/app-kit​

Here is the announcement we sent out to our CloudPano members…

[*New Announcement*] The CloudPano iPhone Camera App – Take Professional 360º Photos From Your Phone Hey there!

I have an exciting new announcement! We have launched our brand new iPhone app on AppStore. And it’s free today!

With the CloudPano Virtual Tour Creator, you can capture 360º photos directly from your phone. Then with a few clicks, you can create a complete virtual tour ALL from your phone. To see the instructions video and learn how to create 360º virtual tours (end-to-end) from your cell phone, watch this entire video here: https://www.cloudpano.com/app-kit​

Here is what you need to know.

#1 – You do NOT need a 360º camera to use this app – capture 360º photos using the CloudPano app, then upload them into your CloudPano account.

#2 – You need to watch the instructions video to create the best 360º photo output (TIP: The more perfectly vertically you hold your phone – the better!). Watch the instructions video here: https://www.cloudpano.com/app-kit​

#3 – The app works best with an ultra-wide lens. This means you need an iPhone 11 or greater for the best output.

#4 – Upgrade your photos with the rotator kit – By using the new CloudPano Virtual Tour Rotator Kit, you will capture 360º photos with a perfect horizontal rotation. Use the rotator and quickly create professional 360º photos from your phone! Our CloudPano Virtual Tour App Kit is currently discounted for our new launch. To get yours today, click here: https://www.cloudpano.com/app-kit

We are excited to launch this new iPhone app to the world.

Join us as we continue to push innovation and grow to new levels.

See you there, Zach Calhoon Co Founder – CloudPano.com
Get started here: https://www.cloudpano.com/app-kit

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