How To Embed Content Into A Virtual Tour

Hey there! If you are looking to embed content into your virtual tour, you are in the right place!

With this feature, you can embed videos, pictures, buy buttons, information PDFs, menus, entire websites right into your virtual tour. You can add anything into your VR experience. We even have users converting department stores into VR e-commerce experiences. The sky is the limit!

To learn “How To Embed Content Into A Virtual Tour” on, watch the video below:


How To Embed Content Onto Your Virtual Tour Software CloudPano

  • Go to your Tour Editor
  • On Edit Tour Tab, click Add Infospot
  • Drag the cursor and set the infospot to the desired location
  • A pop up on the right side will appear that says Edit Infospot
  • To embed content, select Pop-up HTML Window
  • Copy the embed code. It is easy to identify the code as it has a tag saying <iframe> at the beginning
  • Paste it on the HTML description box
  • Save infospot 
  • Publish and watch the pop-up video play on your tour

2 thoughts on “How To Embed Content Into A Virtual Tour

  1. With the paypal account, would that have to be the account that belongs to the business? For instance my hair salon has product that I wanted to showcase but they have a credit card system through the bank. Not a paypal account, thanks Michelle

    1. Hey there. You can embed any content. So it’s up to you which content you embed. 🙂

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